I define spiritual growth as the process of coming to see and understand that who and what we are, is never apart from Source itself. Largely, growing spiritually  is about coming to realize the unlimited nature of being. 

As our  consciousness expands, this understanding becomes experiential and we begin to express it in our actual moment to moment, day to day way of being. There is a shift in the way we experience reality.

Through growing and understanding, we come to see the connection between thought and reality and we come to recognize that life is not happening ‘to us’ but rather, we are inextricably linked and an integral facet of all that is appearing and unfolding.

We come to see the totality of physical life as a reflection of our consciousness which includes our thoughts, beliefs and preferences. Thus, as we experience expanded consciousness, we come to understand the Law of Attraction, our inability for manifesting desire, and to  know ourselves as powerful creators of the content of our own personal dream.

Spiritual understanding  encompasses an expansion of consciousness that facilitates a vantage point of seeing that is beyond the confines of our limited, personal story and conditioned, constructed personal identity. Through spiritual growth, we move from a contracted state of awareness, where we perceive ourselves to be small, ineffectual and separate from everything else that is appearing, to one that is vast and without limits.

From this expansive vantage point, we begin to see how we not apart from any other, nor are we limited, nor are we finite.

Through spiritual growth, we come to accept ourselves as creative, infinite and eternal beings.  

As our consciousness expands, we begin to accept life and its content as it arises and we cease to resist or reject those aspects of reality that in the past may have seemed to be completely unacceptable. In short, we come to to see the perfection of what is,  and our emotional responses reflect this. As we reach more expanded levels of spiritual growth, we move further and further away from the possibility of emotional suffering, as the foundation that supports the arising of emotions of angst, crumbles. Without limiting beliefs in place, there is no longer agreement with thoughts of separation and thus, no resistance, no emotional discord, life truly does become the joyful and blissful experience  so many dream about.

Spiritual Growth Through The path of Least Resistance

I’ve found personally that the path of least resistance  towards this expansion of consciousness, is the path of self love, understanding and acceptance. Through compassionate self inquiry and adopting an accepting and compassionate attitude towards that which we have come to know as ‘self,’ we open the door to a softening of ego, and thus allow the light of spirit to shine in and lift the veil. The result is an expansion of consciousness  and an experiential knowing that we are, at our core, spirit, God, Oneness, Source, (whatever label you prefer), having a temporary experience as a human being.

On this website, I’ve written many articles that fall under the umbrella of spiritual growth. All support a movement towards an expansion of consciousness and ultimately, spiritual growth. I don’t profess to have all the answers, in fact, I’ve come to see that as we grow and expand in our spiritual understanding, we come to see that hard and pat answers simply do not exist. One of the hallmarks of reaching a certain level of spiritual growth is our ability to admit and accept that we cannot know with absolute certainty what lies beyond this physical experience. True freedom is being completely okay with not having it all sewn up in terms of absolute answers. The act of saying, “I do not know” and being okay with that, can be a powerful one indeed.

One of my main focuses on this website is on the subject of life after death and after death communication.  My own numerous experiences following the death of my brother, strongly suggest that while physical life may be temporary, love itself is eternal.  

I also address the subjects of psychic development, law of attraction, manifesting desire,  synchronicity and channeling spirit.   Through spiritual growth, we come to experience the unity of all and we come to experience the reality of one mind, one spirit. Our psychic development is merely a natural consequence of realizing this unity that permeates everything that appears.

As we grow spiritually and expand our consciousness, through such practices as present moment awareness and meditation,  the connection between mind and appearances also becomes obvious, thus the law of attraction is always in play as the underlying foundation of all experience and all manifestation.

I’ve dedicated an entire section to the subject of synchronicity   as I see this as a wonderful physical sign or signal of sorts that alerts us to recognize that we truly are the creators of our reality. While at present , I have not written as many articles on the subject of synchronicity as I have on Expanding consciousness, psychic development and the law of attraction, I plan to spend more time on this subject in the future, as in my opinion, the phenomena of synchronicity serves as such a wonderful, real-life example of nonduality and being in the flow.

If you are looking for tools to support your path to spiritual growth,   visit my products page to see a list of products, all designed and created to enhance the journey towards spiritual personal growth. One of my most popular is “A Course In After Death Communication.” I’m receiving an abundance of letters from those who have purchased it telling me how well it’s worked for them.

Visit my Spiritual growth  quotes page for an array of quotes that serve to inform and uplift.

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