A Mom Sends An After Death Sign Through American Idol

by Alyce Kallman
(Pacific grove , California )

My mom passed away on may 23rd 2012.

Exactly 25 hours later I was watching American
Idol(her favorite show), and they chose to sing
"Georgia on my mind", one of her favorite songs
AND her name is Georgia. I cried again , then
Realized it must be her.

A few days before she
Died, my sister was telling me that our mom will
be in a beautiful place. I told her I wasn't sure
If that was true , how do we really know?
I told her I would believe it if mom proves it to
Me by giving me a sign. The sign she sent me
Was a pretty good one. I rarely ever hear that song
On the radio and never on tv. She knew I never
Missed an episode of American idol.

I think I need to buy Faye's book. I never want
To miss a sign.

Dear Alyce,

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story. It really is so incredible the many and unexpected ways our deceased loved ones can communicate with us! I'll betting you'll find that now that the door to not only your belief, but your expectation has been opened, you'll be receiving all sorts of uplifting signs and after death communications! It's all about atunement.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to share your story!

With Love,

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