After Death communication - Dreams

Many experience after death communication through dreams. Dreaming it seems, provides the perfect conditions for after death contact to occur. When dreaming, our vibration is naturally elevated. Thus, we’re in a particularly receptive state to engage the powers of law of attraction to  make a connection with the deceased.

When we dream, the rational, judgmental portions of our mind are temporarily suspended and it is easy for us to merge with the soul energy of our deceased loved ones  who reside in spirit. Dreams about the deceased can greatly aid our grieving process. My own deceased loved ones continue to be an active part of my dreaming life. This helps me to feel that they are still an ongoing part of my life in general.

Two types of after death communication through dreams

I’ve personally experienced two types of after death communication through dreams. The first simply involves dreaming about my deceased loved ones. Whenever this occurs, I absolutely know that I am connecting with a portion of their energy. The fact that they are active enough within my psyche for me to dream about them speaks to their continued energetic presence in my life. Dreams about deceased loved ones serve as powerful affirmations of the connection that still exists between the afterlife and the physical.

The most stunning of dreams involving after death contact are those dreams that leave us feeling upon waking, that we have actually made contact with and/or engaged within a conversation with our deceased loved one.

I’ve only had this experience a handful of times, but each instance has left me with an absolute knowing that I was in fact experiencing after death communication. The element of reality is one that stands out. These dreams leave us feeling as though we’ve really spent time face-to-face with our deceased loved one. These dreams have the power to transform our grief as they allow us to experience time spent with someone who we may have believed we’d never see again. Such dreams can have a huge impact on our grief and bereavement processes.

Many report becoming ‘lucid’ within such dreams; That is, they become conscious or ‘awake’ within the dream, able to perceive that they are in fact dreaming. I know within my own

afterlife communication dreams, I always become aware that I’m immersed within a dream and then the after death contact with my deceased loved one will follow. I can’t explain in words how comforting it is to wrap my arms around my loved one and know that for those few moments in dream-time, we are truly connecting.

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