Channeling Light? Final Dialogue With Saint Germain Chananeling Through Aruna Byers

Final Dialogue With Aruna Byers, Channeling Ascended Master, St. Germain

Is this channel really channeling Light? This is a question many ask when reading messages that are offered through those who claim to be channeling spirit.

With these questions in mind I share the following discourse;

I’ve had many requests to post my continued dialogue with A. Byers, channeling ascended master, St. Germain. For those of you who have been following this dialogue, you may or may not be disappointed to know that this will be the final installment of my dialogue with Aruna Byers, who claims to be channeling light, offering Saint Germain channeling.

Aruna Byers through her Saint Germain channeling claims to be channeling light, but in what seems to me to be an obvious contradiction to this claim, has made it clear that no further dialogue with me will continue unless I stop asking questions that demonstrate a lack of support and lack of acceptance regarding the content and consciousness of these channeled messages.

How do we decipher those channels who are REALLY channeling light?

Ms. Byers lists the criteria she deems as being important in assessing channeled messages, on her website, Coaching For Spiritual Awakening. Many of her messages relayed through her Saint Germain channeling, speak to the question of how to decipher a channel that is not channeling to decipher a channel that is not clear and is not connected to Oneness Consciousness.

She says to ask the following questions regarding the channeled message in question:“Is the channeled message unconditionally loving? Is there any negativity in the channeling about you or anyone else? Is there any attempt to control or manipulate vs support and assist? Does the message feed anyone’s ego with comments about specialness?”“If any of the last three are present in a channeling you receive, toss the message...”

I think Ms. Buyers has given us very good advice here, and in theory at least, we both agree on this particular issue. Indeed, certain criteria will come into play when one attempts to decipher whether or not a particular channel is channeling light.

Is this Channel channeling light?

Below you will find Aruna Buyers through her Saint Germain channeling, offering her latest and last response to the questions I’ve asked regarding these channelings. These were questions and comments that I truly believed I delivered politely and respectfully. Albeit, I did ‘dare’ to challenge some of the assertions being made. I was genuinely interested in the respectful discussion of certain concepts contained within the St. Germain blog posts. According to St. Germain, I overstepped my boundary.

It is important to mention that “St. Germain” invites comments and questions following "his" blog posts. All of these must first pass through review before they are accepted and posted on the Compte de St. Germain blogsite. In no way did I force my written opinions onto Ms. Byers/St. Germain’s blog site. All of my responses that appear there were accepted by Aruna Byers/St. Germain. St. Germain ‘chose’ to respond to my comments through his subsequent blogposts. I will say that despite the fact that certain assertions made by Aruna Byers through her Saint Germain channeling do not resonate with me, there is indeed a bounty of interesting material here that obviously resonates with many.


Masters and Chelas

Chelas are students of an Ascended Master. Not all are aware of the Master's teachings, and most are unaware of their Master.

Chelas must learn about the Masters to get the most benefit from their guidance. Those who are able to have dialog with the Master, are being called to Mastery as an anchoring of God's love. No Master needs the chela's allegiance, only their attention, as Masters offer gifts of awareness to chelas. Passive denial of my lessons controls my ability to teach. Active denial makes another condition - annoyance.

Chelas are given many opportunities to learn and accept my channeled call to mastery. Most do not act on their mastery until they are actually guided to do so. But one or two are not able to understand that mastery means a quiet mind, not mind's opinions.

My dear one, who has attempted to dominate my channeling attention to demonstrate her own consciousness, is not yet a Master.

Chelas do not dominate, and do not insist that they are wiser than the Master. This is an arrogance of mind's conditioning, not awareness from the human heart.

My chelas who read this blog do so for my teachings, not to be told that the opposite of my teaching is more accurate.This arrogance is most disrespectful, and will no longer be entertained. My chelas are not the Master and my consciousness is not theirs, as nowhere is it written that chelas are to guide their teacher. Positive attitudes towards the teacher must prevail!

But this is not a dismissal of the chela. Her mastery can be developed in an accelerated way if she accepts what my message today advises: give the Master more credit than the New Age dogma that has been accepted by the mind!

Positive attitudes are not necessarily coated with denial. Only accepting "the goodness", is not acting on the truth of a situation that could provide the most awareness.

Mental control of what is accepted cancels all the gifts the dross brings. More consciousness comes to awareness from darkness than the anchors of light are able to deliver. This is a cosmic creation of duality to demonstrate the dream of man's mind. All is not as it seems!

Awareness of what is beyond the veil is more available to those who are aware of the veil. Seeing only one aspect of the duality demands that the mind be active to deny the opposite. Neither is the true reality! Both are an illusionary mental attitude.

Cosmic consciousness is totally different than dark and light. Both are of no concern. Truth is only Oneness, and dark and light are included in Oneness.

Chelas, do not accept any teaching that tells you to ignore duality. Consider duality the gift of a new dawn that transcends divisiveness. No comments that designate dark and light are from God awareness.

My words today are a Master's consciousness. My gift to the chela I am addressing is an awareness of her non-awareness. Can this gift be used to move her to an Awakening? I do hope an opening for this occurs.

Channeling on this blog will not address any defiance again. Those who do not accept me as their teacher can go elsewhere. Please ask questions. Please make comments. Any comment that is not accepted by me will not be published.

My consideration of this control factor makes an unacceptable condition more comfortable for others who need my attention. No more attitudes of condescension will be tolerated.

My dear ones are all advised to look at themselves for the very thing they are accusing others.

Are the earth changes avoidable? Yes, but only when all the inner dramas in the minds of man are no longer creating outer dramas.

May this message be the beginning of my more conscious teachings for this to be accomplished.


(Compte de St. Germain)

My Response:

As I’ve said before, those who uphold themselves and their channeled messages as being from a higher consciousness than the masses and who claim to be channeling light, place themselves under a higher level of scrutiny. Great responsibility exists when one delivers ‘truths’ under the title of an all seeing, all knowing ascended master and even ascended masters should not be, in my opinion, above answering the pointed questions of those who may not be full-fledged believers of their messages. When one claims to be channeling light, the message itself must align with love.

I simply cannot marry the concept of channeling light, an ascended master specifically, with someone who indulges in involvements of lower ego such as as; “annoyance, lack of tolerance, anger and inflated self-importance.

Perhaps I’m missing something or using improper interpretation of this latest message, but to me it seems quite clear that you were saying that I had caused you (St. ascended master) 'annoyance.' You also appear to be saying that my comments and questions were not welcome unless I am a full-fledged believer of your teachings.

For most of us, acceptance of someone as a teacher...of someone who is channeling light, is a process. Certain criteria must be fulfilled before we will accept someone's word as containing wisdom and in the case of channeled messages, this criteria and its resonance with us, becomes even more important. The example you gave above of demonstrating your annoyance and a certain level of anger towards my questions do nothing to convince me that Aruna Byers is in fact actually channeling light or an ascended master, in fact it has had quite the opposite effect.

More Confusing Contradictions

Following my initial query to Aruna Byers through her Saint Germain channeling, asking why St. Germain would be broadcasting such negative predictions when we all have an innate power to create the reality of our dreams, he/she made it clear that my beliefs about the power of man to affect change on a global scale were inaccurate. In the August 12, 2010 post it was stated:

"Concepts about manifestation abound, and most of them are not accurate....Many materializations are not changeable, as they were created as a cause and effect development....Neither can man alter the dangers of air contributions already made, or death of the cloud cover over areas of man's environment, or the collapse of continents that are not anchored to man's control. Mudslides, earthquakes or eruptions of volcanos cannot be altered NOW with dreams about another creation. Cause and effect will always supersede creative attitudes.

No man, awake or not, can alter an act of change that is now appearing, with a new attitude or an act of decree. No change can occur that cannot develop over time with a man's cause and effect ability. Magic will not alter anything of great importance that is mentioned in the Master Messages or my newest messages.....neither will it change the way manifestation occurs. Only desires and content of a minor character can be demanded and created by man's mind."


(It would seem that a year has made a world of difference in St. Germain's beliefs about the power of creation. I've included a few pertinent excerpts from a recent post MS. Byers has made in response to readers queries as to why many of St. Germaine's predictions of world-wide catastrophe have been inaccurate).

Why Predictions Don't Occur - Sunday, August 14, 2011 as St. Germain channeled By Aruna Byers:

"Before I make any more comments about geological alterations, I want to clear out any negative feelings you are holding about those that turned out to be less destructive than predicted. In the big picture all possibilities exist. Announcing an act of nature's direction has been one way we have been able to dissipate the cause of many deaths and move that cause out of existence. Announcing a major calamity draws attention to that area, and caring and compassion are aroused.

Many of our lightworkers then act to dissipate the cause by directing light to the area. Many disasters have been diverted by this strategy.

My last announcement about a major catastrophe in the area of the Mississippi River was absolutely correct in that moment. When cosmic attention turned towards that area an amazing change took place. I was actually very surprised. How the change occurred was not due to my announcement. Actually, news of the flooding possibility in New Orleans aroused the caring of many who prayed and gave their attention to diverting a major collapse of the entire area near the Mississippi River. Instead, the Missouri River became active and caused much less damage than was anticipated......Maybe this was meant to occur this way; God sometimes does things in a most unexpected way.

NO matter what we predict, another option is available."

This seems to me to be a direct contradiction of St. Germain's post of a year ago, posted above, where he seems to be saying that once a disaster is set to happen, there is no turning it back, that only things of a very minor nature can be affected by man, and yet here, likely in an effort to back-pedal out of a difficult situation where her Saint Germain channeling predictions have failed to occur, Aruna Byers/St. Germain assures us that nothing is carved in stone and prayer can indeed be an effective means of manifesting catastrophe away.

When it comes to messages channeling light, contradiction between messages of the same channel should be a definite red flag.

What do my higher energies have to say about all of this? Does our personal interpretation of a channel who is channeling light, perhaps depend on our own vibration?

"There is plenty of room for all beliefs and all different attitudes towards the subject of spirituality itself. ‘Truth’ is simply that which resonates. Simply accept that which resonates and respectfully move on from the rest".

I’d love to receive reader’s comments regarding the issue of channeling light, ascended masters and their channeled messages. (And I really do mean ALL comments!) As I said in a previous blog post, polite, respectful dialogue, even that which includes disagreement need never result in negativity.

Sometimes through sharing our differences of opinion we can come to a place of greater awareness and new levels of expanded consciousness.

What does channeling light mean to you and how do you decipher whether or not a particular messenger is indeed channeling light and not merely tuning into dense, unenlightened energy or perhaps even their own ego?

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