Expanding Consciousness

Expanding consciousness will result in the attainment of a new perspective on our reality. It can be no other way. When we expand our view of the universe and everything that occurs within it, our universe itself changes. A broader view results in a very different picture than a more focused one.

When we see ourselves as mere physical beings, our perspective is limited. These limits include everything that our physical world presents to us as fact. We are bound by the apparent physical laws of cause and effect that the physical world presents to us. When we expand our consciousness and perspective and begin to see the greater truth of who and what we are and what we're capable of, these limits and boundaries become blurred. As we get better at expanding our consciousness, we'll see these beliefs in limits and boundaries disappear!

Imagine a hamster who lives most of his live inside a cage. His perspective of his world includes the cage and bars that surround him. Imagine that this hamster at some point escapes the confines of his cage. The new world that he encounters will quite literally be a different one from that which he knew previously. As we move towards expanding consciousness,  our entire world expands. The cages and bars we perceive as surrounding us dissolve.

The paths to expanding consciousness are plentiful and varied. No one single means exists to increase one's level of consciousness. Many claim to have the one and only path that will move us towards enlightenment. The truly enlightened know that the ultimate truth of our being can be attained through following many different avenues.

The ideas I present in the wisdom-of-spirit website represent the knowledge I've gained on my own personal journey towards expanded consciousness, and the paths I've personally taken to achieve this. While I certainly don't make any claims myself to be enlightened, I'm quite sure that I've had glimpses of what it means to be in this state. These glimpses have convinced me that the pursuit of expanding our awareness in the ultimate quest for enlightenment is in fact a worthwhile one.

Below you will find a list of articles all pertaining to the subject of Personal Spiritual Growth.

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