Jerry and Esther Hicks contradict the Teachings of Abraham

by Oscar

I like to keep an open mind about the Abraham-Hicks teachings and experience, and I have personally experienced the benefits of the teachings.

However, I believe Esther and Jerry Hicks love to profess they idea that they want the teachings to be available to the whole world. But the only way for them to be available is for people to pay for them.

And believe me, I have nothing against paying for the information, but there is a lot of resistance saying, I want the whole world to have access to the teachings, but you need to pay for them.

Would be better to say, the teachings are available to those who can afford it. That would be a lot more genuine than what Jerry was saying and that's what probably caused his resistance to build up and send him to the 'final' vortex.

Jerry kept claiming he was always looking for the best way to disseminate the teachings to the whole world, as if we are living in 1911 or 1912; It is 2012. We have the internet (brought to you by Al Gore). Upload a video, do a web streaming of your philosophy, have a weekly blog....many ways to reach the world for free out there.

Problem is, it appears Jerry wanted money for the teachings. And thus the resistance that probably led to his death. How can you proclaim you want the teachings to reach the whole world, yet get upset when people are sharing videos on youtube?

Also, if you're so worried about the sharing, doesn't LOA proclaim abundance? There is

always the example of big pie Abraham gives.

The Hicks have always money coming in. All they have to do is do a workshop and people attend and pay the money.
People buy the videos. People attend the cruises. Money is always coming in.

But that wasn't or it isn't enough. They want to milk money out of every way possible for the teachings.

Contrast this to Sheila and Theo's message. They do a free radio show and people can call in. However, you do have the choices to attend some workshops and do private consults and pay for those; and you can also pay for their teachings if you want to listen to them; however, most mp3s are 4 bucks per hour, which make them very reasonable compared to the 50 dollars CD the HIcks are peddling.

If Jerry wanted the teachings "available to the whole world", why not follow something like Sheila and Theo?

You can still make money, while making the teachings available to the world as he proclaimed.

And believe me, there are many people in countries like Africa or Latin America who can't pay the Hicks' high fees to buy a video, or buy the tapes.

And again, they can do as they please, but don't go out every week saying you want the teachings to be available to the whole world, while at the same time you have your employees trying to remove youtube videos which are only trying to promote the teachings, not make money from them. Didn't they learn from Abraham? That current can't be bucked my friends.

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Jul 24, 2014
Overlooking free access to Abe-Hicks on YouTube...
by: Charley

An Abe-Hicks book was recommended by a friend a few months ago, and before buying I looked them up. I found hundreds of free audio clips on YouTube that have provided 30+ hours of listening. I learned the teachings through spending quite a bit of time listening, at no cost to myself. I continue to listen and repeat particular audios. I bought two of their books two months in and at that point, the books have only affirmed what I was already learning. So I've spent a total of $20 on the Abe-Hicks products and continue working with the teachings and spreading the word as I can. The Hicks could have these removed for copyright infringement, but they haven't done that. This info is out there for free, it just has to be discovered by a willing spirit. The unwilling would reject this teaching anyway, no matter how it comes or at what cost, right?

Sep 07, 2012
Mixed message from Jerry, I agree
by: Annie

Just read your interesting post. I agree, the message was not consistent to me, either. I thought it was strange when the live events started. Jerry said he'd envisioned websites in different languages, but then the webcasts came along. I remember thinking that a webcast was less far-reaching than websites in multiple languages. But far less lucrative!

To the other commenter, one does not need to have a hang-up about money in order to notice an inconsistency on Jerry's part!

Dear Annie;

Whenever and wherever we see 'inconsistencies' we can rest assured, there's a belief that those judgments hinge upon. In the case of one who sees an inconsistency between one who enjoys the idea of sharing a positive message with the world but also received financial benefit from that sharing, clearly there is are some very specific judgments at play that denote some very firm, limiting beliefs.

It's very possible to see a particular message as being important to impart to the masses and still expect to receive financial benefit from doing so. When we begin to understand the nature of abundance, that as we give, we naturally receive, all ideas about it being 'un-spiritual' or 'a contradiction' to make money from doing what we love, goes out the window.

I absolutely love sharing as I do on my website here, and I also have no problem with the fact that I receive financial benefit from doing so.

I think many hold a belief that says; If you are sharing information that can make a person's life better, you should not receive payment for it...or prehaps, you should not receive 'too much' payment for it...and of course the precise delineation of 'too much' is absolutely in the eye of the beholder.

This is where our hang-ups about money become evident.

When you look at the world from a position of clearly seeing the abundance and the flow of give and take, there is no longer any contradiction inherent in someone receiving financial abundance through their sharing of words that heal. The flow of giving and receiving is Law of Attraction in action.


Jan 11, 2012
Money hang-ups
by: Faye

Many of us have hang-ups surrounding money and it seems to me you've just demonstrated your own. It sounds something like; "It's okay to make a certain amount of money, but after a certain point, you should no longer charge money for your services." or perhaps, "If you have a message that helps humanity and you enjoy the idea of helping others, you should not make money from it."

I don't get the sense that Jerry had any conflict whatsoever surrounding the idea of offering the message of Abraham to the world and receiving financial reimbursement for his part in doing so.

We live in a world where money is the currency of energetic exchange. I get the sense that both Jerry and Esther have embraced this idea.

In my opinion, it is an idea that we must warm to if we are to become compatible with monetary success.

Resistance to making money could only occur if Jerry held a belief that said 'making money is in conflict with getting this message out to the world'....I don't see any evidence that he held such a belief.

The teachings of Abraham tell us that not everyone is ready for their I'm not so sure about your assertions that Jerry wanted Abe's message to be spread world-wide. I think he enjoyed the idea of knowing that masses of people were being positively affected by the teachings but I don't get the sense that he was particularly driven to ensure that all were privy to these teachings.

Knowing what I do about the law of attraction, if someone is a match to these teachings and is seeking to learn more, the means to access them will manifest somehow, regardless of current financial status.

You've placed your own personal judgments about money and service to others onto Jerry in order to come to your conclusion.

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