Seeking Proof Of Life After Death - The Role of The Psychic Medium

Is there really life after death? This is a question that is most often asked when we experience the death of a loved one. I know personally, my attention was never so focused upon this question as when I found myself coping with grief, following the unexpected death of my brother. It is natural under these difficult circumstances to want to seek this kind of proof that allows us to know with certainty that our deceased loved ones actually do live on.

Our belief in life after death can be strengthened when we receive what we deem to be adequate ‘proof’ that our loved ones indeed do survive physical death. A reading with a medium can provide us with precisely what we need in terms of that proof.

A good psychic medium has the ability to provide us with proof of life after death as they are able to tune into the energy of the deceased to relay messages to the loved ones who remain physically alive. In this sense, a psychic medium acts as a conduit between the realm of spirit and the physical plane.

A reading with a good psychic medium can absolutely have the effect of convincing us that life after death is a reality and thus such a reading can go a long way in healing the deep grief we feel when we believe we have ‘lost’ our loved one through physical death.

There are many who have gone into a reading with a psychic medium, completely immersed within their grief and emotional pain, who have exited their reading with an entirely new outlook and an absolute belief that life after death is real. Receiving hard and fast proof of life after death can have a profound effect on those coping with grief.

While I believe that we are all capable of receiving personal proof of life after death through after death communication from our loved ones without seeking the help of a medium, for many, seeking out a professional, presents as the path of least resistance; a means to overcome the perceived difficulty in making direct contact themselves.

Direct, telepathic, after death communication with our deceased loved ones very much depends upon our own vibration, beliefs and energy. Many who are grieving simply find it too difficult to elevate their energy and belief to the level necessary to facilitate direct contact. There should be no shame in seeking the help of a professional when one simply finds that they are not having personal success with direct after death communication with a deceased loved one. I also found personally that even when we are capable of making contact on our own, a professional psychic medium can act as a sounding board to offer us suggestions and to validate our experience and to thus solidify our belief in life after death.

What to Expect From a Reading with a psychic medium;

While all mediums are different, a common thread will likely run through most readings with a professional psychic medium.

A good medium will not need to ask questions. They will simply tune into the energy around you to connect with your loved ones on the other side. It is important not to convey too much information to the medium, or you may leave the reading with uncertainty regarding the proof of life after death that you came in seeking.

It is important to allow the psychic medium to do his/her work and access the energy of your loved ones on their own. Sometimes a yes or no answer will be required from you for the medium to validate that he/she has made contact and is interpreting properly, but beyond that there should be no need to give out copious amounts of information. A good medium will not only, NOT require this information, but often they will specifically ask you to not reveal ‘too much.’ A good psychic medium wants to prove to their client that life after death is a reality as they’re generally well aware of the effect this has upon grief. Professional mediums generally take their role very seriously in helping others in coping with grief and moving into a place of acceptance regarding their deceased loved one.

Sometimes a medium will ask for a picture or an object that was related to the deceased in order to help them ‘tune in’ to their energy. Most often if this is required the medium will convey this at the time the appointment is booked.

Many professional psychic mediums however, do not require anything more than to connect with you through your voice and thus, many conduct accurate readings by telephone.

Following my brother’s death, I began receiving signs and communications and although I felt very confident that I was in fact receiving after death communication from my brother, it was something very new to me. I had many questions and perhaps on some level also still felt the need for some outside validation regarding my personal experience of direct, telepathic after death communication.

Below I’ve provided personal reviews of several professional psychic mediums that I’ve received readings from and connected with in other ways. (Please note; I receive no reimbursement for recommending these mediums and I assume no responsibility for them if you choose to use their services.)

Psychic Medium Kim Dennis, aka, Clairvoyant Kim

For several years, I had watched Kim Dennis perform readings and speak on various local TV programs. She always appeared legitimate and professional. Many left her readings with what they believed to be convincing proof of life after death. I had also spoken personally with people who had received what they described as accurate readings from Kim Dennis. I had one friend in particular who was absolutely blown away by Kim’s accuracy, warmth and professionalism. It was therefore with high expectations that I went ahead and booked a telephone appointment with Clairvoyant Kim Dennis.

Mere moments into our telephone conversation, I detected a discordant energy between us. It felt to me like Kim had very little interest in conducting the reading. Her words were rushed and were lacking in warmth or enthusiasm. Kim immediately tuned into an older gentleman on the other side, and although I was initially hopeful that she was tuning into one of my grandfathers, her description was devoid of any particular pertinent characteristic that would have indicated this. She continued on with rather vague descriptions of relatives on the other side, without clearly delineating any one in a way that made me feel she was truly ‘connecting.’

When I asked her about my brother Murray, who had passed about eight months prior, she very quickly responded with, “Oh yes, he’s here. He’s fine and he says hello.” I tried to ask a few questions to ascertain whether or not she was truly connecting to my brother, and she could come up with nothing that caused me to believe she was.

I could sense her impatience and was shocked to realize that Kim Dennis was attempting to ‘wind down’ the reading and end our phone conversation. As we were only about ten minutes into what I had believed to be a one hour reading at the time of booking, I was hesitant to allow this to happen.

I began to tell clairvoyant Kim about the after death communication I’d been receiving from Murray. She replied haughtily with something to the effect of; “the dreams may be the real deal, but I don’t get the sense you’re actually connecting with him telepathically.” Her response surprised me. Most mediums are of the belief that everyone has some degree of ability to connect with deceased loved ones, and therefore support, encourage and empower their clients in making their own contact, particularly if that client herself is convinced she is in fact receiving life after death communication. I got the sense that Kim wanted to hold herself and her abilities above those of her ‘average client.’

At this point, fully suspecting what her response might be, I brought up my idea to write about the afterlife signs and after death communications I’d been receiving from Murray and to formulate them into a book about life after death. I told her I’d even been entertaining the idea of seeking a publishing deal for such a book and asked her opinion. Much as I suspected, she attempted to dissuade me from not only the idea of writing the book but also from publishing it.

She mentioned how ‘impossible’ it would be to get a publishing deal and then tried to deter me from self publishing as well, saying, “I wouldn’t do it unless you want to have a basement cluttered with boxes of books.”

At this point in the reading, Kim Dennis made it really obvious that she was finished with the reading. The reading spanned about twenty minutes in its entirety.

The next day, I wrote Kim Dennis an email stating just how disappointed I was with all aspects of the reading. I told her that I was not asking for a refund, but merely felt compelled to share my perspective regarding my experience. I explained to her that I had spent years myself conducting intuitive readings and therefore was very aware of the fact that we can all have an ‘off’ day. I asked that in the future she might try to consider this and perhaps cancel an appointment and reschedule rather than conduct one when she’s simply not interested enough or tuned-in enough to do her best for a client.

I received no response from psychic medium, Clairvoyant Kim Dennis.

Interestingly enough, I came away from this reading with a new-found confidence in my own ability to connect with my deceased loved ones and with a renewed confidence in writing my experiences of personal life after death communication with my brother Murray, into a book. Contrary to kim’s ‘prediction,’ In February, 2010, I signed a publishing deal with John Hunt Publishing, O Books imprint and the world-wide release of my book, Poppies From Heaven, is to occur on January 28, 2011.

Needless to say, based upon my reading with psychic medium, Kim Dennis, aka, Clairvoyant Kim, I would personally NOT recommend her to those seeking validation or proof of life after death. However, I do realize that my singular, personal experience does not speak to the entire body of Kim Dennis’s work and that perhaps Kim Dennis and I were simply not an energetic ‘match.’

I know from personal experience conducting my own intuitive readings, that every now and again, I’d read for a client for whom I just could not seem to tune into a resonant energy. When this happens, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be of any service. In these rare cases, I always explained this to my client and offered to reimburse them fully.

Below you will find a list of talented and authentic mediums who I feel quite confident in recommending. All of them in my opinion offer solid proof of life after death.

Psychic Medium - Alan Hatfield

I connected with psychic medium Alan Hatfield about a year ago. I had heard rave reviews about him and his readings over the years from many. Alan lives in Eastern Canada and has been prominent in the media, appearing on many live radio programs and even TV.

I contacted Alan as I was seeking endorsements from respected professionals in the field, for my book, Poppies From Heaven. This process of seeking book endorsements prior to publication is in my opinion, a rather difficult one that is fraught with frustration. More often than not, my numerous email requests to various experts in the field of after death communication, were simply ignored. In many other instances, I received cursory responses declining my request and in one or two cases, my request was even received with hostility.

Alan answered my request with a level of warmth, compassion and enthusiasm that in all honestly, blew me away. I’m very adept at reading energy and Alan Hatfield absolutely radiates an energy of love, integrity and compassion. I find it interesting how many so called ‘spiritual teachers’ and ‘spiritual readers’ I have connected with, who in reality are really not all that loving, kind or generous. After all, you’d think if someone truly is in a position to connect with spirit and he supposedly does so with the intent of ‘helping’ others to cope with grief, he would be a particularly spiritually advanced, loving, kind individual.

In this case, Alan Hatfield fulfills the expectation and then some. Alan promptly and graciously read my story and delivered an encompassing and in-depth review of my book. He delivered it with congratulations, well-wishes and encouraged me to use his endorsement in any way it could benefit me. In my experience, it’s quite rare to come across an individual in any field who becomes excited at the concept of aiding and supporting another in their endeavors and who offers to do this without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

I’ve since heard many rave reviews about Alan Hatfield and his readings through the grapevine. Not only is Alan Hatfield well known in spiritual circles as being a highly integral and compassionate person, he also has a reputation for being an incredibly gifted and accurate psychic medium who delivers abundant proof of life after death through his readings.

You can reach Alan through his his website where you will find many endorsements and testimonials that speak to Alan’s amazing ability to connect with spirit.

To read more about life after death, click here.

Psychic Medium - Beth Berry

I met Beth Berry through an online blog. We had both commented on a blog post related to life after death. Our respective stories of awakening to our ability to connect with spirit were shockingly similar. We had both lost our brothers and had subsequently experienced profound occurrences of after death communication. Within days of making contact through email, Beth contacted me by phone.

To say that Beth’s energy is ‘positive’ would be an understatement. Her lovely, energizing voice buoyed me up instantly as I felt like I was connecting with a dear old friend. Although it was a social call, Beth immediately began ‘tuning in’ to certain specifics about me, my life, my family and my state of health. She blew me away with her level of accuracy. “Holy crap, can you see me,” I exclaimed at one point, as Beth casually told me “You’ve got to get rid of all that tension in your shoulder’s girl.” At that very moment, I’d been aggressively massaging my rigid, painful shoulder muscles with my free hand.

Beth’s many testimonials speak for themselves. She is a gifted and caring psychic medium who has a huge roster of satisfied clients. Beth conveyed to me just how intensely satisfying it is to her to watch a family who arrived distraught and grief stricken, leave with smiles on their faces and a world of grief lifted from their shoulders. Such Proof life life after death really can have that effect.

You can reach psychic medium Beth Berry through her website.

Psychic Medium - Shawn Leonard

I contacted Shawn Leonard for a telephone reading on a whim a few weeks following my brother’s death. I’d come across his website and was impressed with his testimonials. I had some personal issues I was having difficulty with that were unrelated to my brother’s death. I figured I’d perhaps gain some clarity on these issues and at the same time speak to Shawn about the signs and communications I’d been receiving from my brother.

Shawn began the reading by asking me please to not offer him any information. He instructed me to try to limit my answers to ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ He immediately tuned into my guides and told me that he was being shown how much I love ‘pretty things that hang from the ceiling,’ and that I had them all over my home. He then said that my guide sends me rainbows to remind me to lighten up.

I was nearly rendered speechless. “Yes,” I told him emphatically. At that very moment, I was lying on my couch, staring up at a rainbow of prismatic light that danced on my ceiling. It was a refraction of light from a crystal that I had dangling from the ceiling in a corner of my living room. Along with this crystal, I also have many other sparkly items hanging from my ceiling; a red etched glass star, a purple crystal globe, a chandelier with added hanging decorations, a glass candle holder, and a myriad of other singular dangling crystals in various rooms of my house.

Psychic medium Shawn Leonard then began to mention a male guide of mine that he said helped me to write and communicate ideas. He kept insisting that he saw a ‘book’ of some sort in my future and that he saw my life purpose in general as being a ‘communicator of ideas.’

At the time of the reading, I had no inkling or idea of any kind to personally write a book and I told him that I believed he was tuning into my song-writing endeavors or perhaps some illustrations I had done for a friend who had written a poem that she was considering publishing into a children’s book. While he did not negate my song-writing interests or illustrations for the children’s book, he kept swaying back to ‘a book’ of my own and he even said that my brother was verifying this for him.

Disinterested, I simply encouraged him to move on and told myself that he was getting ‘mixed signals’ regarding my song-writing. I actually did not even remember about his continued reference to ‘a book,’ until I was well into the writing of my book about life after death, Poppies From Heaven. I was casually perusing the notes I had taken during my reading with Shawn and was stunned as I read about and then fully recalled Shawn’s insistence that my brother kept showing him something about a book I would write.

Shawn also said that he was getting the number eleven around my brother and was being told that this was of importance. He also said that my brother had chosen the specific day of his death as he wanted to be ‘remembered.’ My brother Murray died in his sleep on the morning of 11/11, which is Remembrance Day in Canada.

This is just a sampling of the stunning accuracies psychic medium Shawn Leonard hit upon during my reading. He was extremely warm, compassionate and professional, actually going a bit over the allotted hour I had paid for. It is clear that Shawn Leonard has an incredible gift and I’d highly recommend him to anyone seeking proof of life after death and assurance that their deceased loved one continues to live on. I liked the fact that Shawn is both a psychic and a medium in the sense that not only does he tune into the spirits of deceased loved ones, but he also tunes into guides and future events and circumstances.

You can reach Shawn Leonard at:

Psychic Medium - Christine Hurley

A close friend of mine had experienced a reading with Psychic medium Christine Hurley and had been really impressed. Apparently, within minutes of walking into the room for her reading, Christine had accurately ascertained that my friend’s father had died when she was around two years old. She then went on to tell my friend about the death of a baby in the family history that my friend did not know about. Christine told my friend to ask her mother about this for verification and gave very specific details surrounding this occurrence. My friend was absolutely floored to find out that the information Christine had given her regarding this had been completely accurate.

I contacted Psychic Medium Christine Hurley mere days after Murray’s death. I wanted to explore and share some of the communications I’d received and to ask Christine some questions regarding my own beliefs and experiences surrounding the whole issue of life after death.

Christine tuned into my brother instantly. She described his appearance to a ‘T.’ “He’s showing me his cute little cherry bottom,” she told me confidently in her British accent. I gasped and burst out laughing at this. There was no doubt about it. Murray had indeed considered his ‘bottom’ as one of his best features. When we’d been on the road together, traveling in our rock band, Murray had always worn his stage pants as skin tight as possible to show off his 'assets.' On many occasions I’d witnessed him as he readied himself for stage, taking one last look at his butt in the mirror of his hotel room, before he strutted of to face the myriad of ladies who awaited him down in the bar. Indeed, his backside was very firm, small and round, much like a ‘cherry’ and there was no doubt about the fact that Murray saw his ‘great’ rear end as one of his most defining features.

Christine went on to describe my brother’s character in great detail. It was uncanny how she made me feel as though she had him right there with her. She picked up on his wild sense of humor right away. It was absolutely clear to me that she was connecting to my brother’s energy. It was quite amusing to see that they were connecting through humor…indeed Murray and Christine the psychic herself seemed to be ‘hitting it off,’ famously.

She explained how Murray was enjoying limitless eating and was enjoying bountiful feast after bountiful feast in the realm he now resided in. She said he was conveying to her that he felt restricted concerning food, while alive and she asked me if this made sense. I explained to her that indeed it did as Murray had been an insulin dependent diabetic since he’d been in his early twenties and therefore had many restrictions on his diet. Although he often continued to eat fast food and drink beer, he had been surprisingly religious about avoiding sweets and limiting his portions. Many times at Christmas Dinners and such, he’d complained about having to limit himself to a small plate of food. “It just makes me feel like crap if I overeat,” he had told me many times.

At one point in the reading, Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Christine Hurley brought up the subject of Murray’s feet, saying he was ‘showing her’ that he had smaller feet than most men and that he liked it that way. She kept saying “He keeps showing me his shoes.” No doubt about it, Murray did have smaller feet than most guys of his height (size 9) and he did like the fact that he didn’t have huge ‘flippers’ as he called them. However, it wasn’t until several weeks after when I was listening to the recoding of my reading with Christine Hurley, that the full significance of the ‘showing me his shoes’ bit hit me.

The day after Murray’s death, I had selected several items of his to keep; his keys, a shirt, his insulin carrying thermos pack and his shoes. I now realize that Murray was also making a reference to the shoes of his that I took as a keepsake. They were sort of a platform shoe that Murray had always worn and that I had constantly ribbed him about. They were shoes that absolutely screamed ‘Murray’ to me whenever I looked at them and this is why I had chosen to take them as a keepsake.

Most importantly, Christine completely validated the life after death communication I was receiving from Murray. In fact it was she who brought it up saying; “Murray wants you to know how thankful he is that you are capable of receiving his messages and that you are conveying them to the rest of the family. He wants you to help everyone to understand that there really is life after death. Erase any doubts you may have regarding your ability to connect with him.”

She also told me that regarding the co-writing of the songs we’d been working on prior to his death, “If you think you wrote well together while he was physically alive, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the song-writing you’ll do with him now that he’s on the other side."

The reading ended with me feeling as though psychic medium Christine Hurley, Murray and I had connected in a profound way. I had no doubts whatsoever that Christine had indeed contacted my brother as it was quite clear that even she had been affected by the energy of his being. In life Murray was a guy who could light up the room with his charisma and charm and it was wonderful to see that even though no longer physically alive, he hadn’t lost his touch. As I said goodbye to Clairvoyant psychic medium Christine Hurley with tears in my eyes I was extremely touched as she genuinely thanked me for allowing her the privilege of connecting with my wonderful brother.

You can connect with Clairvoyant Psychic medium Christine Hurley through her


Psychic Mediums play an important role in providing evidence of life after death. For many a solid belief in life after death can mean the difference between grief and despair and moving into a place of peace and acceptance.

Proof of life after death is an important factor in coping with grief when the death of a loved occurs. The knowledge that there is life after death give us hope when we'd otherwise feel lost. A deep knowing that there really is life after death provides peace. A knowing that there is life after death can have a profound effect on how we come to view our own eventual death. A knowing about the reality of life after death can quite literally change the way with live our life. A belief in life after death can take the fear out of living and connect us with the peace within.

Seeking proof of life after death? To purchase my book, Poppies From Heaven and Other Signs From the Hereafter, a personal story detailing the amazing after death signs and communications I received from my brother following his death, none of which are included on this site, click on the link to amazon below.

• As human beings, our biggest challenge is to understand how life and death are inextricably linked. For many, the devastating loss and grief surrounding the death of a loved one can open a portal to a hightened state of awareness that gives rise to extraordinary insights and reinforces a primordial affirmation - death heralds new life. In Poppies From Heaven, Faye Schindelka describes her own powerful journey to a spiritual awakening, following the death of her brother, Murray. In sharing this moving account of after-death communication, Schindelka reminds us that death can result in a positively transformative, life-affirming experience. Annamaria Hemingway, Ph.D., author of Practicing Conscious Living and Dying and myths of the afterlife

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