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How to Communicate With the Deceased

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When it comes to life after death communication, belief and desire and two important factors that contribute to our overall success as these impact our personal frequency or vibration. These are extremely important when attempting to make contact with those in the afterlife.

I'm quite convinced that my success with receiving signs from my brother is due to my level of belief regarding life after death communication, as this plays a huge part in my ability to view the occurrence within the context of signs from the afterlife. I'm also convinced that many who are grieving the loss of a loved one would be absolutely bowled over by the many signs they are actually receiving, if they'd only open up their minds to the possibility of such. In all aspects of life, we really do see what we believe, not the other way around.

When we give rise to the possibility of magic, we open the door to it becoming a real presence in our life. Likewise, imagination is the gateway that grants us access from this physical dimension into that of the afterlife. When we completely deny the workings of our imagination, we close this portal to the divine, and thus close the door to receiving afterlife communication.

When people ask me How to communicate with the deceased, the number one thing I tell them is to first open their mind up to the possibility. An open mind is like the first gateway. Beyond that, a simple asking will usually start the ball rolling. Either out-loud or silently within your mind, ask your loved one to send you a sign or signal that they are still with you. Stay alert and full of positive expectation. Be on the look-out for interesting coincidences or anything happening out of the ordinary that relates to your loved one.

Steps To Receiving Specific Signs

Begin by imagining that life after death communication is not only possible but that it is actually in the midst of occurring. Get into a relaxed state by taking several deep breaths. Close your eyes. See your loved one alive and well. Allow yourself to feel their love surrounding you, as you feel your own love for them emanating from your own being. As you feel these loving energies merge, bask in the knowing that a real connection between you and your loved in is occurring.

Tell your loved one, either out loud or silently that you wish for them to send you a sign to validate their continued presence in your life.

Either choose a specific sign or allow one to come to you. I've found that my brother often transfers the idea of a sign to me regarding something that is about to materialize into my future. Stay open to something just "popping" into your head. While jogging one day I had a picture of a happy face pop into my head, along with a "hello" from my brother, and an assurance from him that I'd receive my sign while on my jog. I was mere minutes from home, so I wondered aloud how it was that I'd come across a happy face before I reached my doorstep. When I reached the house on the corner across from mine I stopped dead in my tracks. There painted on the living room window of the house, was a snowman. Topping the two balls that made up his body was a perfect happy face! This is just one example of the many varied signs I've received from my brother since his death.

Make your request for the specific object or occurrence, and continue to make the request throughout the day. This is more for your own benefit than a reminder for your loved one. Remember, that your belief level and desire for afterlife communication that have an impact on your vibration as it relates to the manifestation of this request. Vibration is extremely important when attempting life after death communication.

Trust that your sign will arrive in due course. Stay on the look-out for anything resembling your sign and try not to lose faith if it doesn't materialize immediately. I've had some requests take several days to manifest and often these signs are the most stunning!

This is a really good way to begin the process of opening the lines of communication with those in the afterlife. I find that all signs are accompanied by certain tell-tale signals. I immediately feel tingles run up my spine, over my head and back down again. Whenever I experience life after death communication, my consciousness expands and I feel an amazing warm, full sensation in my chest, like my heart might burst with loving energy. I feel joyful, connected to All that is and often have tears spring to my eyes, the feeling of expansion is so overwhelming.

As you get better at this, you'll likely develop your very own personal tell-tale signals that alert you to the fact that you've indeed made contact with the other side. No doubt, whatever they are, if you've succeeding in achieving life after death communication, they will feel amazing!

How to Communicate With the Deceased Through Direct Telepathic Communication

Direct communication with the deceased requires strong desire, belief and an ability to raise one's vibration to a level that the afterlife dimension.

While I have received some stunning signs when vibrating low, in a bummed out state, I've never experienced direct telepathic communication while in anything other than what I'd describe as a heightened state or high vibration.

Meditation is a wonderful vehicle for telepathic communication with the deceased. During meditation our vibration naturally rises as we clear our mind and let our resistance ebb away. I've also had some amazing conversations with my brother while in the hypnogogic state, the state we enter into just prior to falling asleep. Once again, this is a time when our vibration naturally rises. Lucid dreams also offer another avenue that seems to offer ease of life after death communication.

I've come to see that when a thought of someone deceased randomly pops into my head, it's because they're attempting communication. This often happens to me just prior to receiving a physical sign. Pay attention to random thoughts of your loved one that just seem to "pop" into your mind. Very often, more will follow.

Direct after death communication requires quieting the mind enough to hear what the deceased is saying. It also requires a level of trust. If any messages received are merely written off as the workings of an overactive imagination, we're working against our own efforts. It is extremely important to give credence to the imagination while attempting to ignore the inner skeptic.

As life after death communication skills become strengthened, it becomes less important to delineate imagination and inner skeptic into polarities. You will reach a place whereby they co-exist together. This is where you'll reach a place where your suspicion of real communication becomes a strong "knowing."

When I first began attempting life after death communication with my brother, I'd often end up asking, "was that really him, or just my imagination?" When I make the connection now, I know it and I own it.

Don't panic if you initially have doubts regarding your abilities. Through perseverance, you will get better and your confidence will increase. Life after death communication requires patience.

As with receiving physical signs, direct communication with the deceased works best when we make a request for it. I'm always amazed by how many people complain that they've never received communication from a deceased loved one, who fully admit that they've never actually asked for it! By taking the time to make the request for contact, you're doing a great deal to enhance your own level of faith and belief that it's actually possible, as well as validating and affirming your desire to yourself.

As with everything else in life, belief creates outcome. with each small success you will find it easier and easier to believe that communication with the deceased is truly possible.

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