The fastest way to manifest your desires is to make peace with your current reality. In response to this, many will ask, "but doesn't accepting where I'm at mean that I'm giving up?"

When we continue to fight against the current reality facing us, we're emanating a personal vibration or frequency of resistance. Such a personal vibration will only bring us more of that which we're being resistant to. This is because the all powerful and ever present law of attraction is always at work.

If I'm having trouble paying my bills, continuing to complain about my empty bank account will do nothing more than ensure that my bank account stays empty. However, if I'm somehow able to shift to a state of acceptance regarding my current reality and everything in it, including my empty bank account, then I'm on my way to manifesting a very different reality for myself, complete with an overflowing bank account.

Accepting our current reality does not mean becoming complacent about it. It simply means that I refuse to continue to rail against that which I cannot immediately change. Accepting 'what is' completely changes our personal vibrational frequency. This is the fastest way to utilize the law of attraction to manifest your desires in life.

The moment that we move away from focusing upon what we don't have and we begin to anticipate a solution or become excited about the prospect of moving forward towards our goal, we will experience the feeling of relief. This relief indicates a shift in our personal vibration. Once we reach a place where the thought of our desire brings a feeling of excitement rather than one of dread or lack, we can rest assured that we are getting closer to the actual manifestation of our desire.

When attempting to manifest your desires, making peace with the present is the most important step. This can no doubt be difficult to do at times. Difficult or not, it is necessary if you are to move yourself into a reality where different occurrences and circumstances can readily flow into your experience. The law of attraction is in constant operation, when we choose positive thoughts about our present situation, we are utilizing it to our advantage.

All situations we're attempting to change require the initial acknowledgment of desired change. If I was somehow completely content to have an empty bank account, I'd likely never cultivate the energy to manifest change regarding it. Desire is the precursor to all change and growth. Without desire of some sort, all life would cease to exist. We'd have no means to move ourselves toward further expansion. Desire in itself is not the problem.

The problem occurs when we get caught up in pining for something that we believe is not likely to manifest in our reality. The more we focus upon the fact that we do not have something we're wanting, the more we effectively push it away. Law of attraction dictates that this is so. Somehow when desiring change we must find a way to begin to joyfully anticipate the manifestation of our desire.

The fastest way to manifest your desires is to accept that you do not currently have that thing or circumstance that you are wanting and to then begin reveling in the anticipation of the full manifestation of that desire.

How do you know you're getting close? When you reach the point where thinking about the desire makes you feel good instead of lousy.

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