Law Of Attraction Mojo Bag

The Law of Attraction Mojo Bag 

A Potent  Manifesting Tool - Contains An Intuitively Channeled Message, Just for You

A modern twist upon  the traditional, hoodoo, majik mojo,  it is specifically designed to empower you in a myriad of ways to easily and effortlessly  manifest your desires.

Whether your desire pertains to love, wealth, career, health or spiritual transcendence, or spiriutal wellness and abundance, the magical mojo will serve you well.

Magical Mojo Bag – Harness The Ever Present All Powerful Law Of Attraction

The Magical Mojo  serves as a powerful Law of Attraction tool.

Each magical mojo bag is handcrafted with you and your unique desire specifically in mind.

It is filled accordingly with stones, dried flowers, charms, woods, leafs, etc., intuitively chosen just for you. 

  Each magical manifesting bag is then anointed with an intuitively chosen essential oil, specifically to empower  your intent.

Your Mojo  Will Be One Of A Kind; No Two  Are The Same. Each Is Intuitively Crafted.


Fully Personalized, Hand Written Message Channeled From Spirit, Specifically For You

Your Magical mojo will also contain a small piece of parchment paper, with a  hand written message channeled from spirit upon it,  for the express purpose of raising your vibration, and pointing you in the right direction to further help empower you towards your intended manifestation.

While short and concise, these personalized messages are always deep and profound, and pertain uniquely to you and your desire and its manifestation. 

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The Magical Mojo  comes in one of three colors based upon the nature of your particular desire:

 RedAttract Love

 Blue Attract Wealth, financial abundance and physical healing

 Purple Attract Spiritual growth and enlightenment, psychic ability, spirit communion, spiritual wellness

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What Is A Law Of Attraction Manifesting Tool?

Law of Attraction is all about focus and feeling. When you are focused upon your desire in a way that causes you to feel good, happy, immersed in  well being, awash in  peace and joy, you are in precisely the place you need to be to attract your manifest desire into your experience.

The magical mojo acts as an object of focus and as a source of vibrational tuning to help augment and speed up the process of emotional alignment, thereby helping to quickly manifest your desire into your experience.

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