Symbolic Meaning Of Black Crow

by Paula

what does it mean when a crow falls down your chimney? One did this morning it was alive and i helped go free by letting him fly though my window My friends tell me it's a sign of the devil and I am doomed it scared me Paula.

Dear Paula,

I can understand how something so strange and rare as this occurrence might leave you feeling frightened, particularly in the face of others telling you that it is a 'sign of doom.'

In truth, You are the only one who can give meaning to this occurrence. Instead of seeing it as a bad omen, why not focus upon the fact that something very rare and special occurred and that you were able to help another living creature (one who was likely quite frantic and frightened) to freedom and safety?

It there a way you could frame this occurrence in a light that would have you seeing it as a beautiful 'gift'? I suspect in your description, you describe the bird as being 'still alive'...and then, 'helping him to freedom' and 'letting him fly through your window.'

In my estimation, you had yourself an incredible and rare experience where you were given the gift of helping an innocent creature to freedom.

IN my books, that is an incredibly GOOD sign and something that you will likely never forget as long as you live. Hold onto to those feelings of 'helping' and 'freeing' another living creature who crossed your path in a VERY unexpected way and the only impact this occurrence CAN have on your life, will be one of benefit and positivity.

In my own experience, black crows have come to represent harbingers of peace and messages of hope. I see them as playful, even funny creatures who often knock themselves out to bring me signs of positivity.

We are always attracting circumstances to us that support and guide us towards the light. The choice is yours, however you choose to see this, that will be its effect.

Hope this helps,

With Love,

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Jan 07, 2015
Found dead crow upside down in closet of house that is 114 yes old
by: Anonymous

I found a dead black crow upside down in the closet of my moms home we have been wanting to sell. No furniture nothing in closet till I noticed this today...what could it mean. We had an offer on the house and inspection may not have been very good I can't read it yet..

Apr 13, 2013
black crow
by: Paul

I lost a very dear friend and the funeral was on the 12th at my pub.
In the morning before the funeral a black crow had fallen down the chimney in to my lounge which made a mess to say the least lol.
I think the crow turned up to let me know that what i did for the person was just to let me know what i had done for the person was appreciated.
He was a very special person that had an enormous heart and would help anyone, so the black crow to me is a sign of the after life and it makes me realise where ever i am friends, loved ones are always with me.

Love that Paul. Thanks so much for sharing.

Apr 21, 2012
thank you
by: Paula

Hello Faye ,
Thank you so much for your lovely reply ,i feel so much better now as you have expained to me the meaning of the seeing the crow in my house , i do not feel scared anymore .I thank you so much for help .. with love Paula

You're so welcome Paula...So glad to hear this. :)

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