Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibration To Manifest Desire Easily And Experience More Joy In The Present Moment

There Are Many Ways To Raise Your Vibration

There are numerous ways to raise your vibration. Many involve time consuming, diligent practice and these pursuits definitely serve a purpose in shifting our overall, base vibration. However, Most of us are looking for a simple way to quickly shift our vibration into a higher frequency in the present moment, immediately following our recognition of the fact that it’s dropped.

As more of us become tuned into the frequencies of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, we are all becoming more adept at recognizing a dip in our energetic frequency or personal vibration. If you’re able to ‘catch’ a dip in your vibration just as it’s occurring, it’s very easy to turn it around and keep it high. When you raise your vibration, you move into a vibrational reality where you can manifest desire easily and experience higher levels of joy in the present moment.

The following ways to raise your vibration work wonderfully to quickly shift your vibrational frequency to a higher level when you’ve just noticed you’ve made a small shift downward on the scale, but these ways to raise your vibration, also work in powerful ways to raise your vibration regardless of where you may find yourself residing on the emotional scale or the amount of time you’ve been there.

When you employ these ways to raise your vibration, you’re ensuring that you’re raising your vibration to a place where you’ll be able to manifest desire easily and experience more joy in the present moment.

When you think about it, the only reason any of us really wants to manifest desire in the first place is because we are striving to experience more joy in the present moment. It could then be said that our focus should be placed upon attempting to manifest our desire for joy in the present moment instead of so much emphasis being placed upon specific things or circumstances. The funny thing is that when you continually focus upon the present moment, your vibration naturally rises. The result of this is a joyful experience AND the result of this is; near instant manifestations of all desires that enter your consciousness!

The intentions we form while residing in a place of joy are of a higher order. They are more closely aligned with the wisest, most expansive part of our being...our spirit. These intentions naturally manifest quickly, particularly if you find ways to raise your vibration and keep it high.

11 Quick and Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibration

1. Take a bath or shower, or if time is of the essence, submerge your hands in a sink of water or run water over your hands for several minutes. Water itself is of a higher vibration and it has an amazing ability to lift our vibration. Simply being in the vicinity of a body of water will raise our vibration. Immersing our body or hands within water is an easy and effective means of raising your vibration. I always find that washing dishes has an uncanny way of lifting my spirits!

2. Focus upon your breathing, inhaling deeply and exhaling fully. No matter where you are or what you may be doing, this is a simple, yet very effective way to raise your vibration. By bringing more oxygen into your body, you are energizing each cell within it and in particular infusing your brain with life giving oxygen. Physically you will feel more energized and within minutes you will feel your overall vibration shift to a higher level.

3. Recall and relive a wonderful experience from your past. Choose a memory that filled you with joy at the time and take a few moments to mentally re-live it. Your vibration responds the same whether you are living something in the present moment or whether you are simply imagining it. The ‘feeling place’ you reach is the only thing of importance.

4. Daydream about manifesting a future desire. Really get into the feeling place of experiencing the joy and satisfaction that the manifestation of a specific desire will bring. Revel in the knowing that the positive feeling the imagined manifestation of this desire brings, is the very vehicle through which it is making it’s way into your present moment experience. The better you feel, the more good stuff is coming!

5. If it’s sunny outside, face the sun, close your eyes and allow the sun to bathe you. Focus upon the inside of your eyelids and the colors you see there. Bask in the warmth and feeling of soul nourishment the sun provides.

6. Remove your socks and shoes and walk on grass. This is a great means of ‘grounding’ your physical energy and raising your overall vibration. Take a few moments to focus upon the sensation of your own energy merging with the energy of the ground you stand upon. This exercise works wonderfully to raise your vibration when combined with basking in the sun.

7. Take a glass of water, bless it and infuse it with your highest, most positive intentions and then drink it. Water has an amazing ability to absorb our vibrations and intents. It reacts to our intentions like a chameleon reacts to colors. It takes on whatever properties we infuse it with.

8. Wear clothing made of natural fibers that feel good against your skin. Put on a favorite piece of jewelry or clothing. When we surround ourselves with things we ‘like’ we are raising our vibration.

9. Smile. Regardless of how you are currently feeling, purposefully form your mouth into the most realistic smile you possibly can. If need be, imagine something funny or something that makes smiling easy. (I find the memory of my dog or children engaging in something silly or cute works well). Don’t force the emotions, but allow them to evolve along with a smile that is genuine. Allow the ‘smile’ to move throughout your body. Feel your heart ‘smile.’ Feel your solar plexus ‘smile.’ Right now, believe it or not, my toes are smiling....feels great!

10. Caress your pet or hug a child. Most children and animals naturally exude a high vibration. When we physically engage with them in a conscious manner, some of their energy naturally rubs off on us. This may sounds a bit like vampireism, however, most of us experience a surge in loving energy when we engage with those we feel love and affection towards. When this happens, we create a continuous circuit of high vibration and our child or pet will also benefit from the energy exchange!

11. Listen to music that makes your heart soar. If possible...Dance! It’s impossible to dance to your favorite music and not shift your vibration to a higher level.

Basically, any activity that causes us to feel enjoyment, will have the power to shift our vibration and bring us to a vibrational reality where we can more easily manifest our desire. The real pay-off though will be in our present moment experience of greater levels of joy!

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