Wish Pendant - Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

A Powerful Law of Attraction Tool

wish pendant

The focal point of this hand crafted wish pendant is an etched, silver plated, spherically shaped prayer box. It opens and closes with a magnetic hinge.

The prayer box contains a tiny pebble of rose quartz that has been "energized" by being submerged in a solution of monoatomic white gold powder (ormus) and distilled water for 48 hours. (Ormus is believed by many to have a powerful ability to transform and expand consciousness and energy).

I've been experimenting with ormus for several years now and have found that it has an astounding ability to magnify the energy of crystals. In particular, rose quartz seems to be particularly responsive to its effects.

This powerful pebble of rose quartz further helps to align your hearts desire with the energy of the universe.

The ornately engraved wish box is attached by a lobster claw, to a black, 14” sueded cord and is surrounding by five genuine natural crystals chosen specifically for their synergistic ability to enhance and support manifestation of your desires; a pebble of green agate, a bead of howlite, a tiny quartz crystal point, a sliver of amethyst and a multi-faceted citrine crystal adorn this intuitively designed manifestation tool.

manifesting pendant

wish pendant

This manifesting pendant serves to amplify the focus of your desire and it also helps to align your personal vibration with your manifest desire. Every time you wear this manifesting pendant, you are adding powerful manifesting energy to your desire.

Each pendant is lovingly and intuitively hand-crafted with the individualized wearer in mind (I'm usually able to craft and ship your pendant the same day I receive your order) and comes with full instructions. When you order my wish pendant you will also receive powerful affirmations that will help bring your manifestations to fruition quickly and easily.

Each Wish Pendant Comes With Step By Step Instructions and Powerful Affirmations To Magnetize It To Your Desires

$47.00 - Includes FREE shipping!

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