The 2012 Shift in Consciousness - The End or a New Beginning?

Many believe that a 2012 shift in consciousness and/or a physical shift of planet earth is imminent. Two camps seem to have developed. One believes that we’re in for a turbulent and catastrophic upheaval of world-wide proportions, the other believes that the changes we’re to encounter are of a positive nature and encompass expanded consciousness and spiritual awakening on a global scale. These people see more of a 2012 shift in consciousness rather than a physical shift of the earth itself in or around 2012.

2012 shift in consciousness

2012 Shift In Consciousness - An Opportunity For Spiritual Growth

Fear of the future is nothing new amongst humans. For most of us, the future represents the unknown and as such it is fraught with feelings of trepidation and often outright fear.

However, once we accept and embrace the idea of a self created reality it seems rather silly to fear our future. If we truly are creating our entire experience and the emotions that we hold, then are we not in control of what our personal future will hold? If it's true that we manifest desire by aligning our vibration with that desire, then why should we ever fear the future?

“But it’s not my own thoughts and emotions I’m afraid of” is the response I receive during many of the conversations I’ve engaged in on this subject. “It’s all the other negative thinkers out there who will create the catastrophe,” they say.

My response to this is: no one but YOU has the power to create within YOUR reality. It is only by ACCEPTING the negative thoughts and beliefs of others that we are capable of aligning with a similar experience of reality. Despite the appearance of an all encompassing collective reality, first and foremost each of us lives within and experiences within our own personal reality. It is only when vibrational harmony occurs that we have the experience of a shared reality with others. This is difficult to grasp when the reality that appears before us, complete with others and a view of a shared collective, appears to be so incredibly ‘real’ and so compelling. When we manifest desire successfully, the vibration, thoughts and beliefs of others have no power over us.

As we near 2012, the perception of the powerful grip of collective consciousness is loosening. Those of us who understand the role we play in the creation of our own reality are beginning to realize that the collective experience does not dictate what occurs in our own personal experience. Spiritual New Age wisdom says that we are  free to create an entire universe reflective of our innermost thoughts and feelings. However, we are in a time now where collectively the realization regarding the creative power of mind and thought is being made and this realization on this grand scale is causing a shift of consciousness to occur. As a group, humans are rapidly waking up to the truth of their own creative ability. This will change the mass, collective experience as well as affect the personal experience of individuals. The 2012 shift in consciousness will result in an increase in general in expanded consciousness, spiritual growth, belief in life after death, engagement in after death communication, and new interest and acknowledgment of the law of attracton Quite literally, our consciousness en masse will be expanding the world over to accept spiritual and metaphysical truths that were previously denied.

Try to remember that The year 2012 is not so much a specific pin-pointing indicator of an exact date,  but more of a general indicator as to when this shift in consciousness is to become evident.

Living The Law of Attraction - The Role of Beliefs

2012 shift in consciousness

I always make it a point to try to elevate my beliefs and expectations regarding the inherent nature of the entire human race. In doing so, I’m directly affecting MY experience of reality. The belief that ‘other’ people are negative, bad or incapable of unconditional love, is just that, a belief. As such, we have control over it. Thoughts create beliefs and each and every one of our thoughts can be CHOSEN to be entertained and elaborated upon or challenged. Why not CHOOSE to believe in a future reality of humans who cooperate together, who love and care about our earth and one another and who joyously co-create together?

If each one of us could disregard what appears to be happening ‘out there’ and instead focus upon our own inner thoughts, beliefs and reality, to choose positive thoughts about our future, we’d all move into a place where fear of the future would cease to exist.

The version of a 2012 shift in consciousness that I choose to embrace, is one where human consciousness as a whole expands to greater heights. Realizations about the power of love and acceptance will be made on the grandest scale ever seen in human history. Even now, many of us are experiencing mental and physical ‘shifts’ of vibration as the overall vibratory speed of the collective universe is increasing. The 2012 shift in consciousness is already happening and it’s culmination will see these increased energies manifest into a more loving, conscious world.

My question to those who believe in the catastrophic version; Why not challenge your beliefs? Why would you choose to hold such a negative belief regarding a future event? You really do have a choice regarding beliefs about the future. The choice is yours. Will you experience a 2012 shift in consciousness that ensures that your future personal reality be one of light and love and expanded consciousness or will you experience a shift of a more negative nature?

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