Living With Abiding Acceptance

Living in acceptance means living with a fundamental “Yes” to Life. It means living ‘lightly,’ not taking anything that appears in experience to heart in a way that has us falling into ongoing, deep negative emotional states,  nor soaring into highs that are purely dependent upon the content of experience.

It’s important to note though, that to live in acceptance does not mean that we will necessarily ‘like’ everything that arises. Personal preferences, likes and dislikes are still very much part of experience when acceptance and allowance abide, it’s simply that they no longer have the power to rule emotions and feelings.

There is a world of difference between needing for something to be, in order for me to be at peace, versus a simple preference that something be a particular way. The need will require that the phenomenal world conform to my desires and expectation before I can be at peace, whereas a mere preference means I remain fundamentally peaceful regardless of what’s happening in the phenomenal world.

Abiding acceptance does not mean you will no longer feel frustrated or even sad at times, but it does mean that that frustration is very unlikely to delve into deeper anger such as rage. In acceptance, if resistance arises to what is appearing, it is short lived. A momentary arising of frustration or sorrow over what is seen, arises and then passes on through, as there is simply nothing there for the resistant feeling to get caught on, or to arise from.

A good example is one watching the news as a clip of a war somewhere in the world is being highlighted. As a human being, it’s natural to look upon those pictures to feel empathy and even a sense of sadness for those who appear to be experiencing such things, but with that, abides an understanding that everything in the phenomenal world is temporary in its arising.

Everything that happens in the world of form arises and falls, ebbs and flows and has no solid foundation beyond I am/Being.

 Only being, which is fundamental, has any true presence, and the being of anyone involved in even the most horrific appearing of circumstances, does not suffer along with form.

Understanding this conceptually vs. understanding this non-conceptually, are two very different things. It is a powerful realization indeed to recognize first hand, in a moment of deep emotional resistance/reaction to something arising in experience, that being itself, remains constant and unwavering while emotions,  arise and fall, shift and change according to the thoughts/ideas that arise ABOUT what is happening.


What Are The Indicators That I Have Fallen From A State Of Acceptance?

Abiding in acceptance means that deep negative emotions indicative of fundamental resistance to what is, no longer have any footing from which to arise. Thus it is rare to experience such emotions/feelings as rage, terror, hatred, despair. All emotions that do arise, pass through smoothly as there is no clinging, no belief that attaches to any idea in particular about what is happening.

Positive feelings of well-being arise easily, as happiness/joy is the seat of being, but in abiding acceptance, these feelings are not tethered to happenings. There is no grasping or clinging to a good feeling when it arises. From a position of abiding acceptance, the full spectrum of feeling/emotions , minus the very deep negative feelings, continue to arise.

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