Best Meditation Chairs

Below you will find a list the best meditation chairs on the market for facilitating a deep, tranquil meditative state.

While the goal of meditation is to relax the body and mind sufficiently enough for a deep inward focus to be achieved, it's important to remain awake and aware enough that you do not easily drift off into slumber. Many aspiring meditators find themselves inadvertently falling asleep if they assume a position that provides too much comfort.

Thus, it is recommended that rather than lying down, you remain seated while meditating. The goal is to relax the body and mind, while maintaining a posture that is poised just enough, to remain vigilant and aware as to mind's movements.

The best meditation chairs on the market are those that allow the body to relax into a natural position, where there is just enough support to keep the neck and spine aligned without undue muscular effort. You want to be supported but not overly cushioned, gently guided into position without being anchored.

The best meditation chairs are neither too soft nor too hard. Just as you do not want to become too cozy and comfy while meditating, it's also important that you are not in any way experiencing discomfort or pain.

For those new to meditation, the last thing they need is to be distracted by aching hips or knees while sitting in meditation.  Many a spiritual aspirant has been turned off of mediation before he really even got started by the very fact that he could not establish a sitting position that felt comfortable enough to establish the necessary quietude of mind, necessary to enter into the meditative state. 

Maintaining a meditative practice over time, very much depends upon making the entire process involved in meditation easy and attainable. If you are looking to establish a meditation program into your life, finding yourself a comfortable mediation chair is a great place to start.

The Best Meditation Chairs To Help You Get Into That Transcendent Zone Where All Your Worries And Stresses Float Away

The Alexia Meditation Chair

The Alexia meditation chair is ergonomically designed to facilitate the traditional, yoga meditation, crossed legged pose, without the pain and discomfort that many experience while in this position.

The Alexia meditation seat provides perfect alignment and support for lower back, knees and feet. You can match this meditation chair to your home decor as it comes in a variety of colors, both muted and vibrant as well as fabric, vegan leather and leather coverings.

Buddha Meditation Chair

This meditation chair was designed by swami Dyhan Unmesh, a registered yoga teacher and Osho meditation facilitator. This seat is specially designed for those with back pain, who otherwise may find traditional meditation sitting far too uncomfortable. It easily folds up fully and comes with a moisture resistant carrying bag for easy transport. This chair is ideal if your meditation site is not home based.

Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

This seat fulfills all the criteria for being one of the best meditation chairs. It's attractive as well as functional. The back rest, while minimal, supports the lower lumbar and sacral regions, providing just enough support for optimal positioning. The cushion provides a generous seating area and is filled with sustainable kapok. The cotton cushion cover is removable and washable.

When it comes to finding the best meditation chairs, individual tastes and needs will vary. While some may require more support, due to back pain or lack of flexibility, others may require a more rigid sitting position to as to remain alert. All your intuition to assist you as you choose a chair most suited to your individuated needs. Finding the perfect meditation chair can mean the difference between sticking with a mediatation program vs. becoming frustrated and giving up prematurely.

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