Evidence of Life After Death - The Afterlife Signs Continue

"Are you still receiving evidence of life after death through afterlife signs from your brother", I  am often asked.

evidence of life after death

I’m happy to report that these afterlife signs continue with a regularity that is incredibly uplifting. Although I’m well past the point of requiring evidence of life after death in the form of such signs in order to have a firm belief in life after death, I am undoubtedly extremely pleased that my brother continues to use these established channels of communication to reassure me of his continued presence in my life.

 Evidence Of Life After Death - In The Least Likely Of Places

Last weekend I was pleasantly surprised as I came across a box of old items of my brother’s while cleaning out the garage. Amongst the items contained within, I found a tree shaped car deodorizer to hang from a rear-view mirror, still in its original packaging and two vinyl conditioning cleaning wipes, also still sealed in their packaging.

Murray had been the proud owner of a shiny new pick up truck that he had purchased for his painting business prior to his death. I chuckled as I held these items in my hand. Clearly Murray’s intentions to keep a clean and fresh smelling truck had been good, but in practice he had usually fallen a tad short. As both items were still in perfect condition I put them aside, acknowledging that I’d put them to use later myself that weekend when I tidied up my own rather messy car.

Two days later, I gathered up the deodorizer and vinyl wipe cloths along with some wet rags and garbage bags. The car hadn’t been cleaned in months and the worst of it was the garbage that was gathering on the back seat floor.

As I opened up the front door of the car, I laid my supplies on the passenger side seat. I acknowledged to myself how good it felt to be putting the items my brother had purchased to good use. Immediately I heard the cawing of a black crow. I smiled to myself and acknowledged the presence of my brother.

Shortly after his death I had established the presence of black crows to be one of the afterlife signs he was using to communicate his presence to me. As a result, the presence of black crows now always served as convincing evidence of his life after death for me and in this instance, I was quite convinced that my brother was close by as I cleaned my car, using the items he had bought himself.

I worked quickly, picking up the garbage from the front of the car and I wiped down the dashboard with the wipes. As I moved from the front of the car to the back, the crow continued to caw loudly from the green space adjacent to my home. Murray was on my mind the entire time.

I methodically picked up handfuls of candy wrappers, paper cups and miscellaneous papers from the floor of the backseat of the car. I lifted the edge of the shoe mat to readjust it and my heart did a little leap as I saw something red peeking out from underneath it. Sure enough, it was a Remembrance Day lapel poppy!

I likely should have been more surprised than I was, but the truth is, I’m getting rather used to this sequence of afterlife signs from my brother. (For those who are not familiar with my story, my brother Murray died on the morning of Remembrance Day, and along with the afterlife sign of black crows and a myriad of other signs, Murray regularly sends me Remembrance Day lapel poppies.) As far as evidence of life after death goes, the sheer number of poppies he’s sent has been incredibly compelling.

I held the poppy up to the light and marveled over the pristine condition it was in, despite the fact that it had likely been lying on the car floor, under the wet boots and grimy shoes of my children, since last November.

I finished cleaning the car with tears in my eyes and a full heart and then opened up the car deodorizer my brother had been saving for his truck. I could feel his energy close by as I placed the poppy pin through the top of it like the star on a Christmas tree and hung it from the rear-view mirror of my car. I sat quietly in the driver’s seat for several minutes, taking in Murray’s most recent after death communication.

It’s extremely comforting to know that even while engaged in the most mundane of activities, my dear brother is present and now every time I get into my car and smell the fresh scent emanating from the little tree with the poppy atop it, I feel Murray’s love surrounding me.

Many of those I converse with through my website are seeking their own evidence of life after death and are wondering why they are not receiving afterlife signs from their deceased loved ones. I understand how upsetting and frustrating it can be for someone to fully embrace their belief in life after death and yet somehow continue to experience the absence of receiving evidence of life after death through afterlife signs.

The majority of these people are well past the point of asking, “Is there an afterlife?” Most who visit my website are already fully embracing the idea of eternal life and yet many still are having difficulty connecting with their deceased loved ones. My heart goes out to anyone in this position and I’m currently working on an e book on the subject of successfully receiving afterlife signs and evidence of life after death following the death of a loved one. It should be available in the next few months.

The best advice I can give to those in the position of seeking evidence of life after death through afterlife signs is the following; Our own vibration has everything to do with whether or not we’re in a position to receive and SEE evidence of life after death regarding our deceased loved ones. Our perceptions are always a reflection of our particular state of mind and state of being.

I think the following Abraham-Hicks quote applies to this issue as it explains how the universe simply cannot deliver something to us while we’re immersed within a perspective that says it is absent;

The more you say "I don't remember," the more you cannot remember. You cannot find something that's "lost". When you've decided that it's lost, when it's lost to you, it is lost. The Universe could not possibly show it to you. --- Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Syracuse, NY on Tuesday, October 14th, 1997 # 120

The energy we emanate must be compatible with the afterlife communication we seek from the other side. It is quite possible that our deceased loved ones are indeed sending us evidence of life after death through afterlife signs and we are simply not in the mind-space to be perceiving them as such.

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