Manifesting Desire

Manifesting desire, and harnessing the law of attraction,  to use it to our advantage, is easy once you understand the mechanics involved. 

Manifesting desire becomes much easier once we discover exactly how each of us creates our own unique, personal reality, and how the law of attraction works.

We are all beings of energy and do to the law of attraction, we are all constantly manifesting whether we realize it or not. So very often though, our manifestations are a far cry from being consciously desired. As beings of energy, we are constantly emanating a particular frequency or vibration. Our thoughts and our emotions determine our particular frequency. Individual thoughts combine to form beliefs. Beliefs and their resultant vibration create the framework of any reality we will come to experience.

Manifesting Desire - Managing your frequency

We are only able to experience occurrences that are a vibrational match to our own frequency. This phenomena of like attracts like, is referred to by many as the law of attraction or the law of affinity. This all encompassing law is responsible for the fact that negative events and emotions usually snowball into more negative events when our low energy is allowed to flow unchecked. It also explains why positive thoughts and emotions easily seem to flow into higher levels of positivity and the successful manifestation of desires.

I've come to see that we create a new personal universe, complete with a new set of possible occurrences each time we change our vibration. If I'm in a depressed state, vibrating very low, I have little chance of realizing my manifest desires. However, in this state of negative thought and feeling and subsequent low vibration, I do have access to a reality that will provide all sorts of rather negative or blase experiences that match my vibration.

Many people emanate a fairly constant frequency in a particular range that changes little over the course of their life. This is due to the ingrained thought patterns and belief systems that so often remain stagnant over many years. This explains why so many have difficulty manifesting desires and seem to experience the same types of occurrences day in and day out. changing one's overall vibration does require some work, but it is absolutely possible. This change requires diligent observation of, and attention to the thoughts we are thinking on a moment to moment basis.

When we hold positive expectation regarding manifest desires we are intending, we become a vibrational match to those desires. When we doubt the reality of  our manifest desires, we repel those experiences. More accurately, we keep ourselves from entering into the reality where the manifest desires could take place. By carefully choosing our thoughts, and thereby choosing and molding our beliefs, we grant ourselves entry into the sphere of action where our manifest desires can occur.

I see positive thoughts and feelings as a key of sorts to the gate we are desiring to open. It's only by entering into a certain vibrational reality that we are able to manifest desires of a specific nature. It's akin to having a craving for ice cream when you're at the mechanics shop. The mechanic simple does not have ice cream available for sale. To get ice-cream, you must go to the ice-cream shop. This is how I look at the manifestation of specific desires. The matching vibration is like a key that grants us access to the particular reality we are seeking.

The good news is that even while we're in the lowliest of vibrational realities, entertaining the lowliest of thoughts, we are always being offered and have access to a thought that is just above the one we are thinking. The choice whether or not to take it is always ours. In doing so we are able to move upwards into a more positive and pleasing reality. In short, wherever we may find ourselves in any given moment in terms of frequency, we are always a mere thought away from finding ourselves in a more positive place. Manifesting desire is within the grasp of anyone who chooses to take the time to pay close attention to their thought processes.

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