A Law Of Attraction Question

by Jake

I really enjoy your website and articles.

Just a question regarding this and other Law of Attraction you've written about. How much of what you write about have you experienced yourself? Do you find it easy to manifest your desires and if so, did it take you a long time to learn?

Thanks in advance.


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Oct 20, 2010
Thank You
by: Jake

Thanks Faye for your encouraging answer!

What you say makes sense.

Cheers and continued success!

Oct 19, 2010
My experiences with using the Law of Attraction to manifest desires
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your question Jake! The truth is, I've always been pretty good at manifesting my desires. Since I've been a child I always had an inner knowing that the universe was far more magical than many suspected....I wasn't necessarily completely aware of the law of attraction per se, but I did know that when I felt good about my desires and expected them to manifest, they generally did! In my entire life, can't remember ever really 'wanting' something that in the end I did not get.

When a desire occurs to me, I expect to manifest it...and mostly I do!

I have oodles of success stories regarding relationships, family and career. I can honestly say that I love my life, regret nothing and want for nothing. I just recently manifested a publishing deal for the book I wrote about my after death communication with my deceased brother.

I view the mere fact that I actually wrote a book as a kind of miracle manifestation in itself. Prior to doing so, I did not have any interest in writing books. However, when my brother died and began sending my signs, the idea of writing a book literally popped into my head one moment. Within that very moment, I knew I'd write a compelling story and I knew I'd get it published.

I had been told by many that as a first time author, my chances of being published were slim to none. However, I 'knew' I would get a publisher to offer me a contract. (I suppose it didn't hurt that my deceased brother kept telling me so himself!)

I think when I look at the overall success I've had with manifesting my life as I've wanted it, my level of belief really did play a huge part...that and the fact that I am a naturally 'happy' and content person. I find it pretty easy to observe present moment circumstances demonstrating a lack of my manifest desire and then turn my attention towards my desire and feel happy and excited about it's impending manifestation.

With all this said, I still sometimes find myself engaging in thought patterns that hinder my manifestations. Proof I guess that fully knowing and embracing the law of attraction and actually putting it to use are two very different things!

Thanks so much Jake for asking your question and I'm so glad you're enjoying reading my articles ...you provided a neat opportunity for me ponder the many successes I've had with manifesting my desires and also to assess the areas I still need to work on.

I plan on doing some articles about my personal successes as well as on health and healing, as I do think this is an area that many of us get stuck.

Please Feel free to share your own success stories regarding your manifest desires...would love to hear them!

Love and Light,

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