A Spiritual Connection

a spiritual connection

What is a spiritual connection? Have you ever met someone who you felt you instantly knew beyond surface appearance? Was it difficult to stop thinking about this person afterwards, and did you experience a series of synchronicity afterwards, that seemed to be orchestrating a union between the two of you?

 When most of us speak about a connection of spirit,   we are generally referring to those special relationships with others, that feel as though we are connecting on a level much deeper and much more intensely than most other relationships. These are the people who enter our lives,  that  we regard to be   soul mates.

Most of us  have  had at least one experience where we’ve  met someone, either a romantic or platonic relationship, where a near instant connection was made, that almost felt like a remembrance.  From the moment you met, you felt a deep resonance with the other that you could not logically explain, almost as though you already knew them. 

soul mates

That said, not all relationships that arise from a spiritual or soul  connection are apparent from the get-go. Sometimes, these deeper connections of spirit and soul are revealed as time passes. It’s important to note; not all relationships based upon a spiritual connection are easy and peaceful.

Sometimes  a relationship based upon a connection of spirit, is fraught with difficulties, as both people have been drawn to one another for the very purpose of working out issues inherent to their current energetic vibration, or possibly  intentions involving the soul, carried into this lifetime from experiences past. But there are also those connections of spirit that result in harmonious and deeply loving relationships too. 

To a large degree, it could be said that all relationships with others hinge upon some degree of spiritual connection and that that degree, as well as the quality of the connection, is very much dependent upon where we currently sit with regards to overall energy and vibration.  

How Do I Recognize A True Spiritual Connection?

 The following is an email I received from a reader who asked; How can I recognize a spiritual connection from an ordinary one?

“ I’ve had several relationships with men where initially, I could have sworn that the connection we shared was spiritual or karmic in nature, but then as things progressed, the truth was revealed and I came to see that they were not who I actually thought they were. In most of these cases, this failure on my part to properly intuit what constitutes a spiritual connectivity versus a mere attraction, caused me deep emotional pain. I am very tired of being disappointed by my own faulty perceptions when it comes to trying to manifest a deep, loving relationship. Can you please tell me how to decipher the difference between a true spiritual connection and just a passing fancy?”

Michelle B.

What Michelle doesn’t realize is that in seeking a spiritual connection, what she is really after, is a sense or her own  conscious awareness or knowing  of being connected to Source/God. When that is absent, it will feel like something is missing from your life. There will be the feeling of a void within and an overall   sense of incompleteness that begs to be made whole.  What Michelle  is truly seeking, and what all those who are seeking a sense of completion through relationship with another are actually seeking,   is  a connection with greater being, divine Self…or God, if you like.  

Folks abound who are desperately seeking their own version of  spiritual connection.  In actuality, there is not a relationship you have ever encountered with another, that is not a spiritual connection. That which we connect with in terms of relationship, is always a reflection of our awareness  or lack thereof of being whole. A person who moves through life, experiencing a  void in their heart, can only attract and connect with another person who also experiences that void.  This is the law of attraction, in action.

When you come to see that there is no separation or divide between that which is deemed to be spiritual and that which is deemed to be “just” physical, the sense of disconnection with life itself, falls away.

When you realize your true godlike nature, spiritual connection with another, becomes the equivalent of attracting another who realizes their godlike nature.

A spiritual Connection – The Role Of Law Of Attraction

self esteem

When you meet up with another who in time reveals themselves to be someone different than the wonderful person you initially believed them to be, a spiritual connection of sorts,  has indeed  been made. It was simply a spiritual connection based upon your emitting of a vibration that was not compatible with the kind of relationship you desire.

In order to make a spiritual connection that resonates with your highest ideal of what you want a partner to be, you yourself must be resonant with that higher ideal. Law of attraction dictates that this is so.  To find a spiritual connection with another that aligns with your highest desires, you must first realize the most important spiritual connection of all, and that is, the spiritual connection with Source/God/All that is.  

To live with the realization that you are at one with Source/God, and can never become separated, is to live from a place where every encounter with another is seen to be a spiritual connection. Living from this place becomes a wonderful dance of arising desire, alignment through resonance, and manifestation.

The best position to be in to make a relationship connection that aligns with and fulfills your highest aspirations, is loving yourself to the degree that you feel and experience yourself as being complete and whole, and preferring that you find another like minded, like hearted, whole person who wants to bask in the joy inherent in two complete souls coming together in mutual respect and love.

When this high vibration of self love is achieved, all relationships take on a new depth, and while everyone you meet may not stand out as being a soul mate per se, from the position of loving self and loving life, you are in the perfect position to meet up with that one special other,  who perfectly mirrors back to you, the perfection of your soul.

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