Abraham Hicks

by Ilene
(charlotte N.C.)

When I listen to Abraham Hicks I get a positive message.Its like anything else, people should have enough common sense to know how far to go with anything in this life.

Know when to hold, know when to walk away when the dealing's done.People get into something and then get mad and turn against the very thing they embraced.

No one made you get on that cruise, no one
made you buy those tapes,you did it on your own. If I don't like something I simply walk away.

The news is full of reports all day long of people committing crimes. Maybe if they had hope, or a positive mentor, maybe the news reports could be cut in half or at least made better.

In hard economic times such as these, we all need to hear something good. Just because someone says there is no Jesus, that's their reality, not mine.

By the way,I still love Jesus, I have a mind of my own. Thank You Very Much!By the way,Most can listen to Abraham Hicks for free on Youtube. HELLO!

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