Abraham-Hicks Teachings Make Me Feel Good

by bonnie

You know I don't understand those who criticize the Abraham Hicks teachings. I myself was raised in one religion, found another at 30 and then left the religion at 45, because I felt it was falsely teaching others. I did not go back and try to "convince" others in this religion they were wrong. What good would that do? Would that make me feel good? Would I profit from it?

No, I believe everyone has their own spiritual path to follow and how they choose to do it, is their business. Last year I read a book and listened to a CD by Louise Hay, and then, came across her recommendations of Abraham-Hicks. I was not interested at the time, but then later, eventually listened to Abraham.

I told my husband one thing and this is what it was, "I don't hear anything negative in this teaching. Even if it's not true, it sure makes me feel good." That is what I base my feelings and impressions of the Abraham Hicks teachings upon; how good it makes me feel.

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