by Kathy W
(Houston, Texas USA)

R: Abraham-Hicks critic:

Box-dwellers! OMG how perfect! As usual, you have nailed it on the head! How anyone could miss this well taken analogy is beyond me, but I fear that David, if he does read this, will not see himself in that light even as brilliantly as this was put to him.

I fear he will live out the rest of his physical life as the box-dweller, reveling in his right to be angry and joyless. After all, he must have read some of the Abraham-Hicks books to feel he has a right to accuse them as he does,and yet he managed to miss their premise entirely. unfortunately, I can't imagine even this excellent analogy cracking the awareness of David.

I was not as fortunate as you in knowing from childhood what I know now. I always had that leaning but never had the confidence in myself to really trust the feelings, but when I read Ask and it is Given, by Abraham-Hicks it all rang so true for me and seemed to be such a natural flow to how I really felt inside.

This seemed to be the validation I wanted in order to be able to actually depend on and use it to live my life. I wish I hadn't needed the validation, but I did.

As a child though, and all through my life, I always wondered about people referring to Jesus as God. I never got that because I always felt that Jesus was just like me and everyone else, and the only difference was that he knew something we didn't know; he knew how to be the best he could be while on this Earth in his physical body.

When I was little I always felt that he just did it better than we did...and He did. I realize now that He truly is God, but so are we all.

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Aug 30, 2010
Thanks Kathy!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much Kathy for your words of wisdom and support. You express yourself beautifully! Wow..once again I'm blown away by similarities...I recall too as a child being really baffled over the whole "christ" as God, worship thing. I also felt he was simply a mortal who had reached a very high level of enlightenment and was merely illustrating to us what we could also be.

Haha...yes I thought the term "box-dwellers" worked well in this analogy...because really, when we refuse to move into expanded consciousness and see the picture, we really are creating limits and barriers for ourselves....Glad you like it!

I agree, the teachings of Abraham just seemed to hit a special chord with me as well....kind of the summation of all that I had believed and learned along the way, coming together in one package. In my opinion, they are the most effective and certainly the most uplifting spiritual teachers out there.

Years ago I had really gotten into the Seth material which was channeled by Jane Roberts. I must admit though that even now, some of it is simply over my head. Seth seems to be saying pretty much the same thing as Abraham, just minus the great sense of humor and obvious joy and love behind the message.

It's really impossible to listen to or read the messages of Abraham and not have a shift in vibration in my opinion....well, then again, I suppose we must first understand the message for that to happen! :)

Thanks so much Kathy for taking the time to share your thoughts! Keep in touch!

Light and Love,

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