ACD from Pets

by Teri

I know that rabbits, like birds, must tilt their head to one side to see things at certain angles.

I was in the toilet while my mother was holding my Bunkie, who wriggled away from her as I came into the room. My best friend was sitting on the floor. My mother passed Bunkie to me and I put her down on the floor to see how bad her sudden illness was. She wobbled toward my BF and turned around toward me and fell over.

She did the head thing and I was sure she was looking up to me asking me to pick her up because she wanted to pass away with me holding her. I collected her and ran down the hall to the spare bedroom. I held her to my heart and she wriggled off me and died immediately when I carefully helped her off me and on to the bed.

Years ago while she was alive I would cry anticipating how I'd react when she had to go. I cried in advance thankfully, because I was able to pull it together and direct people to get a car, to get the shovel.

I can't look at a pet after they've gone, especially Bunkie. She was close to 13 and had always been moody and it was rare if she cuddled with me. She outlived 3 rabbits I got for her! She even bonded with a little female who was sickly and died several months after they bonded.

Bunkie was sad over her death. I could tell because she didn't care when her first male neutered bond passed away. I brought her to him for closure but she stepped on his head to get to some food. But with little Iggy, she looked up at me as she did minutes before her own death.

I have never been able to look at the face of a newly deceased and had to bury them asap. Oddly with Bunkie, aka Bonkers, I looked at her. She didn't have a pained ugly expression on her face. This sounds wired but she was beautiful. All the same I wrapped her in a silk scarf and covered her entire body. I
always put some food in and treats with the loved one before they are buried.

Since we didn't have a house anymore, we drove to a beautiful public place which was where she is interned. That will always provide some comic relief because we took turns watching out for cops!

I didn't really cry until a few months after. The week after, I was sitting alone with an empty large bunny, well, dog ex pen, when I felt her punch me on the shin like she would when my butt wasn't available to punch as she often did when I knelt down to feed her/them.

Another thing had been happening which I didn't include and that was for years after her first male bun chum passed on,(the one on whose head she stepped) I would see a black flash peripherally that was bunny sized and close to the floor and always a flash of dark and too fast to make out the actual figure. But I think it was Taco. When Bunkie went, and after she punched me only that one time, the flash stopped as well.

What started this search of after life communication was when I typed in the search, "is it normal to talk to a deceased pet years after their death?" There were no hits about animals, so I refined it until I found this site.

Thank you for being here. I would still like to know if anyone else has had an experience even close to mine. I believe other people are more sensitive to dare I say ghosts than other people....such as me for instance?

I have not seen people experience anything like what I've been, but I do respect the fact you had the actual detailed experience. Back to my question. I have Bunkie on my screensaver and when I see her I always say, wook at my wittle giwile (girlie) She so pwetty and she knows mummy wuvs her. I talk like that when I see a photo or drawing I did or bought because she looked like it that much. I say it's normal, I just want to hear from others. Thanks,
Teri and posthumously Bunkie, aka Bonkers, aka my pwetty girwell.

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