ADC From a High School Friend

by Lisa
(Denver, CO USA)

I’m posting this story to honor my friend who died approximately 31 years ago.

In 1982, a friend of mine died due to injuries sustained during a hit-and-run by a drunk driver. He was riding his bike, responsibly completing his duties as a newspaper delivery boy. He did not die right away, but a few days after being hit. He was 16 years old, as was I. His death broke my little 16 year-old heart at the time and I’ve never forgotten him to this day.

Since studying afterlife communication, I decided to reach out to him to see if I could receive any kind of message indicating his Spirit was still alive. I believed his Spirit was still alive, I just wanted to see if I could communicate with him. So, on Sept. 30, 2012, I wrote to him in my ADC journal.

His last name was Prow and we used to call him “Prowler” as a nickname. In my journal, I asked him for a sign in the form of his nickname. I wrote, “If I hear or see or read “Prowler,” then I’ll know it’s a sign or message from you. Love, Lisa.”

Weeks went by and I did not notice any message from my friend, but I kept praying for him daily. Halloween came and went. I have to admit I was surprised I did not notice any message around then because “Prowler” would have fit in perfectly. Maybe that was too easy and obvious for him. It seemed he wanted to give me the message where I would least expect it, not where I would most expect it!

After Halloween, I started to let go of receiving any sign from my friend. I started to wonder if it was too hard to reach him because he had died so long ago. In a way, I had given up on receiving a sign.

One day after running an errand on November 14, 2012, my husband took an accidental wrong turn while driving and we ended up going away from our home
rather than towards it. But, that was the moment that led to my friend’s ADC. My husband asked me if I wanted to stop by this park we had not seen for some time. I agreed and we made a left turn down a street heading toward this park. We had driven a little ways down the road when I looked over to my right and saw a trailer in someone’s yard.

On the trailer was written “Prowler.”

When I saw it I said, “Oh my God, that’s my friend!” To say I was excited and awe-struck is an understatement. My husband didn’t know what I was talking about and I apologized for startling him. That day, I had my ADC journal in my purse and I read to my husband the entry I had written.

“If I hear or see or read “Prowler”… There was “Prowler” right in front of me for me to see and read. In my heart, I knew it was my friend. It seems we were guided that day to take the unexpected trip to the park.

Later I found out that “Prowler” is a brand name for a trailer. Loved ones in the Spirit realm can use anything they want to get their message across! I have not seen a "Prowler" trailer since, so it makes me feel like that was my special message, coming in an unexpected form.

Synchronicity seems so often to be a guiding principle in my life. It’s like a Higher Intelligence is at work, which our deceased loved ones are a part of. Once you open to them by making a request, it seems they become woven into the very fabric of your life.

The way everything came together that day was so beautiful and I am so grateful to my friend for letting me know he’s with me. He’s a lovely Spirit and he taught me that he has not been gone too long to communicate with.

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your story. Yes, indeed, spirit works in mysterious ways!

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