ADC Story

by DeNeice Kenehan
(San Diego, CA, USA)

My mama told me that Daddy sent her pennies, and I always figured they are so common that she was just imagining it, but I never said anything to discredit her belief. I know now that the pennies came with that "knowing" and likely were in places pennies don't belong.

Mama passed on Tuesday morning, March 12, at 3:42AM. I was with her the last 12 hours. I watched her last breaths, the final pulses in her neck, the hospice nurse listening for her final heartbeats. It was not an easy transition. But I knew I needed to be with her.

When we came home that morning, a large bird was flying over our backyard, one which I'd never seen before. A large black crow. It flew over our yard and the canyon behind our home three times that day. And not since.

The first card from a friend arrived, then the first floral delivery. There was something similar. They both had purple butterflies on them. The next day I went to begin collecting her books and music. As I pulled the last book from the shelf, I noticed that something had slipped into the back corner, a bookmark. Covered with purple butterflies.

When I left, my stepfather handed me the plaque from the front door, one I'd given her five years ago for Mother's Day. It was covered with butterflies.

The next day I went to the health clinic to thank Mama's nurses for their care. They'd decorated the lobby for Easter and had a happy new WELCOME sign--a purple butterfly.

When I went to the Executive Office to book a room for Mama's memorial at the Retirement Community, the form came from a pretty pewter container shaped like a butterfly.

They came for a week, then stopped.

I googled "butterfly death" and learned it is the most common After Death Communicator. I discovered an email in Mama's treasures box about her encounters with butterflies, about the one that spent its day with her and died on her shoulder years ago.

She was not subtle with me.

Thank you so much DeNiece for sharing your beautiful story!

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