by Mary
(Lititz, Pa. USA)

Recently I had been given one of those cat clocks where the tail is the pendulum and the eyes move from side to side.

It was new, and a gift for Mother's Day. Odd things happen with this clock. I would say that this has happened about 7 or 8 times now, this morning being the most recent.

I will walk through my kitchen, where the clock is on the wall, and notice that the clock has stopped. I check the time and it has just stopped at the time I came into the room.

When I move the pendulum tail the clock works again just fine. The first time I thought the batteries had already died, but this is not the case.

Each time I start the pendulum again, it won't happen for several days or a couple weeks. I really believe now that this is a communication from one of my family members. I have had strong feelings about my younger brother recently too, and I believe it is him. If this clock were to stop in the middle of the night, I wouldn't think this. But since it only stops when I walk into or through the room, I strongly feel it is his way of saying hi or messing with me. Let me know what you think and if anybody has ever had this happen to them.

Dear Mary,

Your feelings about this clock are what is most important, and the consistency with which you experience this, itself says much.

My advice to all who have lost loved ones is; If something out of the ordinary is noticed and it consistently makes you think of the loved one, accept that it is in fact a sign. Take each opportunity to acknowledge your brother's presence and the fact that the two of you are communicating and take a moment to bask in the feeling of love and connection. In my experience, such acknowledgement only serves to strengthen that sign.

Thanks so much for Sharing!

With Love,

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Jul 25, 2014
Mantel Clock
by: Pete UK

In the 1980s my parents bought a medium size mantel clock which ran with batteries, It has a pendulum at the front along the bottom. Years
later the pendulum stopped working even though
new batteries were put in. My Dad passed in 1991
and this clock although kept time with the bstteries the pendulum would no longer swing.
My Mum used to say now and again that it would suddenly start moving for no reason as no one had touched it. I had taken the clock to manually kick-start the pendulum swinging the clock side to side and even upside down...but as soon as I put it back down the pendulum just settled and didn't move left or right. I helped Mum move home in late 2001 and she took the clock to her new place The clock worked so she put it on a window sill to look at the time. Now and again the clock pendulum would simply start and go for days then stop and never move for months but then move again
out of the blue.
My Mum moved again in 2005 and took the clock
with her and placed it in the middle on top of
a small fireplace. I would visit regularly and
most times the clock pendulum never worked then
prior to visiting Mum I would be told by her that
the clock's pendulum had been swinging all morning and still swinging upon my arrival.
I must also add the fireplace never had a fire
in it as the central heating was more than
adequate for heating...

Mum passed in 2007...I took the clock home and
it now lives in a corner glass unit so clearly
on view. It keeps good time and the pendulum
remains still. Now and again it starts to swing
and can be for hours or days. I noticed it began
swinging earlier this year 2014 and since then
it has stopped again.

On Wednesday 23rd July 2014 the pendulum began swinging and as I type this on Friday morning 25th July 2014 it is still swinging...sometimes
it swings with an even tempo swing and other
times its going faster. It will stop again at some one tampers with the glass unit
or its contents..I have actually pushed the unit to try and get the pendulum to start swinging
as a form of accident on purpose but it will NOT
move when I want it to LOL!!

The clock still has batteries and keeps regularly time in 2014 but this clock originally was bought to also have the pendulum feature in working order. There was a time when it was considered
that because it is 'broken' it may as well be thrown away...and thus buy a pendulum clock that
actually works properly. This never happened and
so the clock remains in my house not really matching anything but because it was inherited.

Is this Spirit moving the pendulum to and fro?
Is it my Dad? it my Mum?...or just a fault with this clock...all bizarre really when the
pendulum mostly remains stationary....

Pete UK 25th July 2014

Sep 20, 2014
Cool Story
by: Faye

Wow!! Thanks so much Pete for submitting your story. I apologize for the time lag in publishing it. I'm just now getting down to working on my website again after some time off.

Re: your questions: It's best that you answer those questions yourself...what does your heart say?

With Love,

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