After Death Communication - A Soft White Dove

by Lisa
(Denver, CO USA)

I pray for and talk to a deceased loved one of mine on a daily basis. A couple of days ago, as I ended my prayers, I said to my friend, “Deep peace, a soft white dove to you.” That is one line from a Celtic prayer that I love and felt moved to say that day.

I got up and proceeded to go on with the rest of my day. Circumstances arose whereby it was necessary to do some cleaning I wasn’t planning on. As I moved some things around, under a layer of junk and dust, I found a ceramic tile I had made years ago in a pottery class. I had completely forgotten that I even had it and it has probably been well over a year since I’ve seen it.

It just so happens that on this yellow tile, I had painted a white dove carrying an olive branch.

The moment I found this tile, I felt this wonderful feeling of expansiveness, child-like wonder and awe. I said with a smile to my friend in Spirit, “How did you do that?” What a kind, sweet, wonderful synchronicity! It had the energy of such love and gentleness. I joked with him and said that Spirit must know about the things I have in my home that I have long forgotten about. It was like he was saying with a smile, “Deep peace, a soft white dove to you too. I heard you.”

It is so profoundly interesting and amazing to be a part of unfolding synchronistic events.

This communication occurred a couple of days ago and I still have the warm feeling from it. It was a moment filled with beauty.

it never ceases to amaze me just how similar these (and yet also unique) these after death communications are. Similar, in that they evoke that sense of profound well-being and deep inner knowing within us, and unique in that they are always specifically tailored to the individual experiencing the connection...they relate to something of such a personal nature, that is it impossible to deny.

Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your uplifting story.

Wishing you continued Blessings,


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