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proof of life after death

The after death communication I’ve received from my brother since his passing on Remembrance Day 2005, has been uplifting and amazing. Many of his messages appear to be precognitions regarding future events that will occur in my life. Such messages and their subsequent verification have an incredible ability to uplift as they serve as a sort of ‘proof’ of the validity of after death communication.

after death communication - messages surrounding my book

From the moment I decided to embark upon the project of writing a book detailing the afterlife communication I’d received from Murray, he’s been enthusiastically cheering me on from the sidelines and offering up messages regarding future occurrences surrounding the book.

The first after death message I received from my brother regarding my book was this: “Despite everything you’ve heard about how difficult it is for a first time author to find a publisher, you will absolutely be offered a publishing contract for this book.”

For the first two years, as I valiantly pursued a publishing deal, for my book, Poppies From Heaven and Other Signs From the Hereafter, I did not waver. Murray’s words of positivity continued to sound in my head. By the third year, I was starting to question the validity of his words, however, despite my doubt, his assurances continued to come through regarding a publishing deal. “Don’t worry. Relax. The perfect publisher will offer you a deal,” he continued to assure me.

Twice I came incredibly close to securing a deal, only to be turned down. It was at my brother’s insistent urging that I decided to submit my manuscript to ‘one more publisher.’

Within mere days of sending my manuscript to O Books, I received an offer to publish from the UK Publisher of Body, Mind, Spirit books. I couldn’t have been more elated and I now had new reason to believe in and trust the validity of any telepathic after death message I receive from brother.

For five months, while my manuscript was edited and the cover was designed, I guessed as to what the actual publishing date would be. One day while wiping down my kitchen counter-tops, I received a distinct telepathic after death message from Murray. “Just wait ‘til you see the publishing date. It’s going to be significant.” With time and experience I’ve learned to trust the after death communication I receive from my brother. Each telepathic message is accompanied by certain tell-tale signals that let me know I’m truly receiving after death communication. The strongest signal I receive is a feeling of peace and profound well-being that washes over me along with tingles that run up and down my spine. Many others who have experienced afterlife communication with their deceased loved ones report receiving similar signals.

“Hmmmm……” I mused out loud, after receiving this message, “A significant date. I wonder what it will be."

Just last week I logged onto the authors data base at O Books and gasped with excitement as I saw that finally a publication date had been entered onto my production page. “January 28th, 2011,” I repeated several times over as I read, then re-read the date. Then……”Oh my God, that’s dad’s birthday!”

Murray had been right. True to his word, the publication date coincided with a very significant date. What a wonderful birthday gift for my dad and it would seem that Murray had somehow had his hand in it! It was also not lost on me that the publication year was 2011. Murray died on 11/11/05. The number eleven has since held huge significance for us.

Through certain very specific experiences of synchronicity that have occurred since my brother’s death, it’s become evident that my dad and Murray share a very special bond. My book, Poppies From Heaven, (which will be available January 28, 2011!!) has an entire chapter devoted to an incredible synchronicity that supports this.

These experiences continue to fuel my deep belief that all of us are capable of receiving after death communication and after death messages from our deceased loved ones. All that is required is that we find a way to reach the  place where we are capable of being able to  hear what they have to say.

Proof Of Life After Death

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