After Death Communication - The Many Ways Our Deceased Loved Ones Make Contact

After death communication can take many forms. Our deceased loved ones communicate with us in a myriad of ways. Some of these methods of afterlife communication are very obvious, others more subtle.

Our deceased loved ones most often use afterlife signs that they know will trigger recognition within us. For example, my brother who died on Remembrance day, sends me many afterlife signs through poppies. These signs take the form of real Remembrance day poppies, photos of poppies and art depicting poppies.

Our deceased loved ones use after death communication and make afterlife contact with us to comfort us during the time of grief and bereavement following their death, but in my experience, they also continue to make afterlife contact as a means of signaling their continued presence in our lives.

The following is a list of some of the ways our deceased loved ones communicate with us using afterlife signs.

Telepathic Communication: recurring thoughts, a picture that pops into your mind, a phrase, a feeling. This form of after death communication is generally more subtle and takes a certain amount of belief and trust. In acknowledging this telepathic communication, our inner skeptic must be quelled to acknowledge the receipt of these types of signs. When we become more adept at recognizing and acknowledging them, entire conversations with our deceased loves ones becomes possible.

Physically Occurring Afterlife Signs

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This type of afterlife contact can take the form of such things as: birds and other wild animals who behave in a strange or remarkable manner in our presence, objects that remind us of our deceased loved ones, plants that grow or bloom in spectacular ways that we can connect to our deceased loved ones. I’ve had many instances of birds swooping in front of me and even touching me while I was thinking of my deceased loved ones. Black squirrels also have an uncanny way of crossing my path seconds after a thought of my brother pops into my mind. Many who are grieving the loss of a loved one report having butterflies, dragonflies or other insects follow them or behave in other remarkable ways.

After Death Communication Through Physical Sensations and Scents

They touch us! Immediately following the death of my brother, my sister felt a near constant warmth and pressure on her shoulders. She had the distinct impression that my brother was placing his hands there to comfort her. Many others report such things as a feeling of their hair being moved or tousled, a pressure on the bed next to them at night, or a brush against their cheek. Others describe a sensation of warmth that spreads over them or a whoosh of cold air. Many people also smell a scent around them that reminds them of their deceased loved ones.


This seems to be a very common form of after death contact used by our deceased loved ones. A favorite song or one that reminds us of our deceased loved ones will be heard at an opportune moment or under seemingly strange conditions. Often the same song will be heard over and over again.


These are those meaningful coincidences that occur, often in groups of occurrences that signal to us that something beyond the ordinary is going on. For example; you have a thought of your deceased Grandma and in the next instant you hear her name spoken over the radio. You then look at the license plate on the car in front of you and see her initials.

My sister was driving one day a few weeks ago and noticed my brother’s name on the license plate on the car in front of her. At that very moment, a song called, “Send me an angel” began playing on the radio and she became flooded with the feeling of my brother’s presence.

How Do We Know When It's Really Afterlife Contact?

How do we determine if something qualifies as after death communication from our deceased loved ones or not? My advice is this; If something in your environment occurs that causes you to ask the question, “Is this a sign from my deceased loved one”, it almost certainly is. our deceased loved ones are intricately and deeply connected to us. They are able to tap into our mind and physical experience and are able to interweave their spirit and loving intent into the everyday occurrences of our lives to engage in after death communication with us. It's been my experience that the more I acknowledge and accept these afterlife signs, the more frequent their occurrence

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