After Death Communication - What I've Learned About Reincarnation

The after death communication I’ve received from my brother has been both comforting and mind-expanding. This afterlife communication has taken the form of signs that Murray sends me from his new-found position in the afterlife as well as direct telepathic conversations that we engage in.

While this after death communication does sometimes involve actual words, much of this communication involves the telepathic transference of blocks of ideas, thoughts, symbols, feelings and pictures that appear within my mind.

The subject of reincarnation came up very early on in my after death communications with my brother. I’ve always held a pretty strong belief in the idea that we all lived multiple physical lives in order to have multiple physical experiences. However, this belief caused me a certain amount of anxiety following the death of my brother.

Many questions arose, such as; When Murray chooses to once again re-incarnate into a physical body, will the after death communication that I've received from him, cease? If Murray or anyone else that I love is experiencing a physical reincarnation into the physical at the time of my death, will I have to wait for their physical death to be re-united with them? Another burning question that popped up in the few days following Murray’s death was whether or not we re-emerge completely with the totality of our soul or spirit upon physical death, thus losing our individual personality or self. This scenario certainly did not seem to be true, as immediately following Murray’s death, I began to receive some extremely personalized afterlife signs from him.

Through conversations held with my brother during meditation as well as through accessing the energy of my higher self, I’ve received answers that resonate deeply with me and provide a certain amount of clarity on the concept of reincarnation and the many issues surrounding it.

Regarding the issue of whether we retain our unique personality after our physical death, Murray emphatically assures me that he is indeed the very same person and personality that I knew and loved. He’s conveyed this beautifully through the many humor-infused signs and messages he continues to send me. No doubt, he’s still the same crazy guy I knew and loved. He does tell me though that he is now the very best of himself. Gone are any of the self-defeating beliefs and behaviors that were part of his physical personality. He is now an expanded, loving, confident and joyful version of himself.

He has helped me to understand that from his vantage point within the afterlife, he can also expand into higher states of ‘being’ to merge as singularly as he chooses with the ‘oneness’ of all, however, when he does choose to do this, His personality of “Murray” is not lost. He can quite literally be in more than once place at a time and can inhabit more than one consciousness at a time. He explains to me that it’s near impossible to understand these concepts from the vantage point of the physical mind, that even within what I believe to be a clear understanding of how expanded consciousness works within the afterlife, I’m merely grasping the tip of the ice-burg in terms of conceptualizing these issues.

after death communication - reassurance regarding reincarnation

When it comes to the issue of reincarnation, Murray assures me that I need not worry about him ‘disappearing’ or ending the after death communication we’ve been sharing if he chooses to once again incarnate into the physical. He explains the issue of reincarnation like this;

“Even within your physical state of being, a larger part of yourself resides in spirit. This part of yourself is still always available to you, it’s just that your primary focus right now is on the physical part of yourself, the personality that you identify as being ‘YOU.’ This ‘YOU,’ will never cease to exist. It remains a separate entity or state of ‘being’ regardless of whether you remain physically focused or not. ‘YOU’ as you know yourself to be, will always exist.

When we pass into the non-physical realm of the afterlife.  the possibility for expanded consciousness and expanded focused awareness, grows. We can experience the totality of our being AND at the very same time, experience each and every specific incarnation we’ve ever engaged in, all at the same time. The truth is that in non-physical, time does not exist as you know it within the physical. Once again, the physical mind is not equipped to fully grasp these concepts. However, upon shedding your physical body, it will all become crystal clear. You will then be perceiving through the expanded consciousness of spirit."

These concepts, he tells me, including reincarnation as well as after death communication, can best be explained using feelings rather words. Just get into the feeling of knowing that the love that we share NEVER goes away. It is this love that continues to create the bond that allows after death communication to occur. It acts as line of communication through which our thoughts can flow to one another.

Murray tells me that when he chooses to reincarnate, it will be a decision made by the totality of his being. The total spirit or soul of each of us, chooses to send out only a ‘portion’ of itself to reincarnate. The greater part of our being always continues to reside within non-physical. He says, “I as Murray will never cease to exist. I will always be accessible to you and your thoughts about me and your loving energy towards me will always be capable of summoning your energy to me.”

It’s taken me many meditations and even some channeling of my own spirit to come to a place of understanding regarding this. Undoubtedly, my ‘understanding’ is still quite imperfect and I must admit that I’m still working to come to a more and more expanded perception regarding these issues. While jogging this morning I received the following message from my brother;

“I do not experience the emotions of missing those of you that I left behind in the physical because the totality of who you are is right here with me in the afterlife. Your greater spirit is already here. The physical part of you that I communicate with is a very specifically focused portion of your total self that is currently engaged within a temporary physical experience. It is the love shared with those who are still physical that continues to engage the focus of the deceased within the physical experience. From my vantage point, I am still with you and you are still an integral part of my experience…..a piece in fact, of the very being that I am.”

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