After Death Communication Story

by Linda

To my beloved husband; I am now a believer.

Three weeks after my husband passed away, every night, I would pray and pray. I would pray for some sort of a sign that he hears me talk to him and I tell him how I wish I could have some kind of a sign to know that he is okay.

Two nights ago, I prayed the hardest I ever had. I begged for a sign, even for a moment I thought I was having a breakdown. I fell asleep crying and waiting. waiting for something.

The next morning when I woke up I remembered the night before and how I felt. Nothing had changed and I felt very depressed.

I passed through the living room and looked at his picture as I always do and told him that I loved and missed him. I continued into the bathroom as usual and then went to the dog to let him go outside. I have a large screened in porch that the dog passes through for me to let him out.

As I was walking towards the screened door, I was startled by what I thought was a bug landing on my arm, only to look over and it was a large orange, black dotted butterfly.

I put my finger out and let the butterfly go on to my finger. I went to the door and shook my hand to let it fly free and it flew off my finger and went about two feet, then turned and landed on my hand again.

After looking at the butterfly closely, I felt very calm and different than I had before this happened. After a moment the butterfly flew away.

For the services, I bought
a large heart made out of red roses and red carnations for my husband. The heart was from my son and I. I brought it home I placed it in the living room and it is still on the stand that is about 4 feet high.

It's been 3 weeks ago, and the flowers are now dying. This morning when I woke up, once again heading to the bathroom, crossing through the living room and dining room, looking at my husband's picture, once again and telling him I loved and missed him, I continued to the bathroom when I stopped short. There was a red carnation in the middle of the floor, in my usual pathway.

I knew it was from the heart because it was cut very short. I picked it up and walked over to the heart. I took my hand and started to tug on some of the flowers that remained on the heart, trying to pull one out. It took a good tug.

Some might think that I am crazy and that's okay, but I know deep down in my heart that this after death communication story I am sharing is the truth. Thank you. Thank you for answer my prayers.

Dear Linda,

What a wonderful after death communication story. It never ceases to amaze me how creative our deceased loved ones can be with their after death communications and what lengths they seem to go through to convince us that they are still with us.

No doubt, you've received some indisputable evidence that your beloved husband does indeed live on and that he is still very much with you. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story of life after death.

With Love,

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May 31, 2012
Your story is so beautiful...
by: Anonymous

Your story is so beautiful and is beautifully written. You'll have to watch for more flowers in your path.


May 29, 2012
by: Earl Brewer

I truly believe your husband let you know he hears you and wanted you to know he is okay. As I previously wrote I am convinced my beloved wife contacted me and let me know she was okay. I continue to talk to her everyday and hope she can contact me again. It gave me much comfort to feel her presence and I know she is still with me in a spiritual way. Continue telling your story to encourage others who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

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