After Death Communication Story

by Mon
(Lincolnshire, UK)

My Mum and I were very close and when she died I didn't know how I was going to continue with my life. I was immobilizied with grief and I cried every day. This went on for months. I prayed for a sign that my Mum was living on in spirit and was okay.

The following February after she died, as I was walking up our drive, I suddenly noticed a huge patch of white flowers (about 1 metre square) in the flower border, that hadn't been there the day before, or at ANY other time. At first I thought they were snowdrops, but looking closer I saw that they were violets - WHITE violets (which are less common). I shouted out loud in joy! My Mum's name was VIOLET!!

It was the sign I had prayed for.

Each year the patch of violets got smaller, not bigger, until now there are only half a dozen plants under a bush.

I have had many other signs too, like the room where I work has been filled with 20 or more different butterflies, when I have opened the door. I have even found butterflies flying around in there in the middle of Winter!

I once found a greenfinch flying round our bedroom (upstairs) even though the windows were closed. My Mum's maiden name was FINCHAM.

A few times when I have visited her grave there have been rainbows in the sky.

All these signs (and many others I have had) give me great comfort. Pray for them and they WILL happen!

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May 30, 2011
dear Mon,
by: Anonymous

Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing stories of after death communication...I got tingles!! sounds like your dear mum has been very busy! I'm bowled over by the references to her name...simply no denying those amazing afterlife signs!..Sooo inspiring.

With Love,

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