After Death Communication With Animals

by Nancy
(North Providence, RI)

I now believe in after death communication with animals.

Baby, my cat was suffering from cancer and was put to sleep on February 20th, 2009. She was 19 years old and my best friend.

A few years earlier I had read a story about the man that trained Benji, the dog featured in the "Benji" movies. When his owner, Joe Camp died, Benji's ashes were buried with him, so neither one of them would ever be alone.

This story prompted me to have Baby cremated. During her last few years she spent most of the day sleeping on the couch. So, when I brought the urn home, that's exactly where I put her.

She had been sleeping about 20 hours a day and now she sleeps 24. The fact that the sofa was a pullout that I would open every night didn't change anything. At bedtime I'd open the sofa and put her pillow beside me and rest the box on top of it and say "Goodnight Honey."

Later that year, it was the day before Thanksgiving, she woke me up. When she was healthy, Babe weighed over 10 lbs. I had a 10 lb. cat taking her sweet time pussy-footing across my chest. She was purring her brains out. "It can't be her" I remember thinking. "She died. I saw her. She died! Why can't I get my eyes open? It must be really early."

Trying to reason with what was happening, and my initial skepticism regarding the reality of after death communication with animals, I thought, "Did I get another cat? No, I hadn't gotten another
cat. This was Baby! She's so heavy! Please move off of me! This is impossible!" In all of my life I've never heard another cat purr as loudly as her. And now she was purring extra loudly.

She was trying to get my attention. Alright, she's gone from my chest. Now, she's moved to her pillow. "This can't be happening! I know she died. What's happening?" I must be dreaming. I mean, it's not as if I could reach out and touch her! That's when I reached out, and actually touched her! I had forgotten how soft her fur used to be. I remembered the first time my neighbor's daughter met Baby. She said,"She's so soft. Her fur feels like touching velvet."

I thought again "How is it possible? How can it really be her? Is After Death Communication with animals actually possible?"

That's when I got my right eye open, just for a moment, just a tiny little slit, and I saw her! Again, trying to reason, how can this be? I thought, "okay, if she's real, then maybe I'm dead?" That's when both of my eyelids flew open and I yelled , "No, damn it"

I was alone. On the pillow next to me was the box, with her ashes. I was alone and I wasn't.

Since then, it's happened two more times. No big production. She just climbs over me and lands on her pillow, and I go back to dreaming. Now it seems more like a normal dream. That said, I now can testify to the fact that after death communication with animals is actually possible.

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