After Death Communication With Pets - RACHEL and MYLES-our beloved squirrels


One of our beloved indoor squirrels passed in 2005. She was found malnourished and brought to me by a man and woman who foster cats and feed their squirrels on their property. We named her Rachel Ann. She was on me all the time when I was inside..kisses and nibbles and would run around me like she was on her tree.

In 2005 she suddenly one day became lethargic and I rushed her to my vet. She had problems breathing. The meds our vet prescribed did no good because she was too far gone.

Later that night she passed. I later found out from an autopsy she had brain lesions due probably to something she ate years earlier or was too malnourished and damage unknown to me, had already been done to the brain.

She lived happily for 5 years and would probably have died a few days after if I didn't take her.

My MANY ADC experiences with Rachel are too many and quite intense and of course quite cherished.

More recently, my little boy angel-buddy MYLES MITCHELL squirrel, passed this past Wednesday. His down-slide started with a granuloma he developed in his sinus and this in time would cause infections in his throat and the toxins would go through his liver and kidneys creating anemia, diabetes and borderline Cushings disease and breaking down blood cells.

MYLES was as gentle as a kitten and lived 8 years...
Those who love their animals as FIERCELY as I do, in turn create a spirit that is not only advanced, but is able to transcend immediately to the other realm. They are
also capable of performing an ADC with their parent almost immediate.

The day after MYLES passed at our vets hospital, I could barely get up the interest to walk to my post office but I had to get out some bills and as I walked to the post office, under my breath and to myself, I was saying to Myles, 'STAY WITH ME MYLES ALWAYS...WALK WITH ME ALWAYS'...I was wearing short pants and maybe a minute or two elapsed as I walked and suddenly I felt something on the right lower part of my right leg. I was about to look down to see what it was only to see a baby butterfly. Egg shell white wings with dark specks fly off of my leg and fly away. Within a second I realized the butterfly was on my leg all the while I was walking...

He did walk with me and will always. Prior to MYLES passing, that morning I took him to our vet for his fluid injection. Little did I realize that he would be gone that evening. As I walked down my front steps onto the sidewalk, I clearly and audibly heard the name RACHEL
...could not see anyone who may have called the name...regardless, I heard the name RACHEL called..

I feel she knew he would pass soon and let me know she would be there for him to guide and help him transcend....Paul, Glendale California

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring stories about your deep and continued relationship with your beloved pets. You warmed my heart and made me smile.

With Love,

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Oct 23, 2012
Re: ADC with pet squirrels - Wow
by: Tory

That's so great that you have had pet squirrels! I love squirrels and feed them on my deck all the time. I just want to hug them and kiss them but no dice. I'm like you and adore my pets, and I know your special angels will be with you always, and it's so great when we hear from them and know they are hanging out with us! Best Wishes to you!

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