Another  After Death Communication From My Brother

This morning I experienced yet another uplifting After Death Communication from my deceased brother Murray. Signs and communications from our  deceased loved ones, have a magical ability to transform our experience of reality and heal our grief.  Whenever I receive spirit contact n any form from my beloved brother, my day goes from mundane or normal to one possessing magical and mystical possibility.

After Death Communication - Crows And Poppies

Almost five years ago, my brother Murray crossed over to the other side while sleeping. It was the morning of Remembrance Day, November 11, 2005. It is a morning that has forever changed my life.

In Canada, on November 11, we honor our veterans by celebrating “Remembrance Day.” Part of this acknowledgment entails wearing red plastic poppies pinned to our lapels on Remembrance day as well as the week and a half leading up to it.

Shortly after Murray’s death, I began to receive various forms of  afterlife communication from him. The most stunning of after life signs were the Remembrance Day lapel poppies that he seemed to send me whenever I was in particular need of receiving spirit contact from him. I’d often unexpectedly find them lying on the ground, in the snow, lying on the grass, or right on the sidewalk, when walking outside, usually right after thinking about my brother.

As I walked with my dog to pick my daughter up from kindergarten this morning, I gasped aloud as a black crow swooped gracefully across my path and landed adjacent to me, high up in the branches of a blossoming tree. It flew so close to me, I could feel the whoosh of it's wings.  Another popular vehicle through which my brother signals his after death contact with me seems to be small animals, such as squirrels and rabbits, and an array of birds.

More specifically, from the time he passed away nearly five years ago, until present, I’ve received a steady stream of stunning and obvious after death communications from my brother through black crows.

When this particular black crow swooped in front of me so boldly, and  with such grandeur, I immediately thought of my brother and felt the tell-tale tingly feeling and rise in my personal vibration that told me that I was in fact receiving after death contact. There was no doubt about it, clearly, once again, Murray was sending me a “Hello!” from the afterlife. At that very moment, I looked down and caught the sight of something red peeking out from the grass. Shivers of excitement and tingles of knowing ran up my spine as I made the realization that it was indeed yet another Remembrance Day lapel poppy!!

This one was a bit beaten up, after all it had somehow survived the elements of the Canadian outdoors for near seven months! Without hesitation though, I picked it up and held it tightly to my chest. I could feel the energy of my brother’s love surrounding me. Right on cue, the black crow began cawing loudly as though he was further confirming the after death communication I had just received. Experiences of this kind have become so common, that I have come to expect them, that said, they never seem to lose their sense of specialness. Even in expectation, the awe remains.

Proof of Life After Death

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