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An after death communication story from a site visitor, involving coins:

So, I've loved Germany all my life, and my school has a German Exchange program called GAPP (German American Partnership Program). I signed up and I got an amazing partner. She came to stay for a month in the Fall, and we got along great.

My school went to Germany in the spring. The day before we were supposed to leave, my mom and I were at the mall buying a suitcase for the trip when we got a call from my aunt--my favorite cousin died. He was only seventeen and I was really upset, the last time I saw him had been about 8 months ago and we were too teenagerish to talk. But when we were young we were really close.

Anyway, I couldn't go on my trip, because my family went down South to visit my aunt and go to the funeral. I miss a week of school, and when I come back, when I walk to school I always find coins on the ground. I remember thinking, "Oh, these are from my cousin!" but at the time I thought it was a coincidence and just nothing.

Fast forward to late July. I make plans to go to Germany alone and visit my exchange partner, but I'm still not sure I want to go. Before we go to the airport, my mom and I take a walk and find 15 cents on the ground, in various places. Then, at the airport in line for security, I find more coins on the ground! That was when I knew they were from my cousin. I realized that I was meant to go on this trip. Of course, on the way back home, I'm on the airplane. When it lands, I stand up, and in the middle of the aisle is... more coins! They weren't there before. It is amazing how much these coins changed my attitude! Strange, or what?

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Jun 20, 2011
Pennies from Heaven
by: jilly

Most months my Dad sends me at least 4 pennies, sometimes as many as 15 in a months time.In the most obscure places, when I least expect it, when I need them most. I heard of this 4 years ago, that is when I said "Dad if this is true send me a penny. He did...and has every month since, it's been almost 5 years. I miss him everyday.

My pennies are dated and put on post it notes, and I keep them in photo albums. I hope it never ends, it is my hope, it never ends. Pennies from Heaven are real, you ask, you watch, you'll see.

May 06, 2011
by: Susan

After my husband's sudden death, I left the house for a few days. The first night I returned to my bedroom, I pulled back the covers and saw a bright penny on the pillow.

We had talked about messages from my grandmother so I knew he remembered our talks and sent me this message. A shiny new penny was beside my suitcase when I took my first vacation with him.

After several months--and many pennies---the messages stopped. My children felt that he had done all he could do to assure me that he was okay. He now needed to continue on his journey.

I kiss these pennies and talk to him. 3 pennies lie on his grave marker, sending him my eternal love.

Aug 15, 2010
Pennies From heaven indeed!!
by: Faye

I love your story & I love the fact that you knew and accepted that this was after death contact from your cousin....often the timing of these signs makes it difficult not to see that what is occurring is more than just a coincidence...that it is in fact a meaningful synchronicity. No doubt, you were getting a hello and validation of your path as well.

I have a friend who often receives after death signs in the form of coins from her grandma. She always find that they show up whenever she's going through a difficult time or needing verification about something.

Thanks so much for sharing your story & visiting my site!

Wishing you heaps of coins and yet more signs of continued love from the other side,


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