After Death Contact - Its Effect On Grief And Bereavement

After death contact or after death communication with our deceased loved ones has a profound effect on our ability to cope with grief and bereavement.

When my brother passed away unexpectedly in 2005, on Remembrance Day morning, the initial grief I felt was near unbearable. The after death communication I received from him made all the difference in the world. One minute I was submerged in devastation, the next, filled with hope, peace and wonder.

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after death contact - the importance of an open mind

I’ve often speculated how very difficult the grieving/bereavement process must be for those who hold a solid belief that all life ends with physical death. From my experiences, I’ve come to see that those who hold such a belief are very unlikely to receive the signs that their deceased loved ones are capable of sending them. A closed mind often acts as a closed door in terms of accessibility to spiritual awareness.

The knowledge that our loved ones truly do live on in another dimension following their physical death is like a healing balm at a time where a sense of utter devastation and loss would otherwise occur. While many of us have previously held strong beliefs regarding this subject, nothing is as convincing and heartwarming as actually receiving after death communication from our deceased loved ones. To receive a solid/physical sign of confirmation from our loved one, is a gift of monumental proportion. For many, it is a gift that turns them away from the downward spiral of bereavement and loss, and re-orients them on a path to healing and peace.

My own after death communication with my brother, Murray, has been life changing for me in so many ways. The signs I’ve received from him continue to amaze me, but more than anything they comfort me and affect my entire perspective of physical existence. His death and subsequent after death contact, has expanded my consciousness to heights that I never before realized. My entire perspective has changed, for the better! I’ve come to see that physical life is a mere portion of the totality of life and consciousness that we experience as the beings of spirit that we are.

Through this afterlife communication, I now rest assured that my brother continues to live on in a dimension of wonderment, joy and beauty and that he is available to communicate with me whenever I choose. I’ve learned that to communicate with him I must elevate my vibration or frequency in order to connect with the high energies of the dimension he resides in.

Because of the after death contact I've received from brother, now, when I'm missing him, instead of submerging myself in grief, I become excited as I anticipate receiving his next communication with me.

shifting perspective to the possibility of life after death

For those who are feeling lost in grief and bereavement, a shift in consciousness to a focus upon  that includes the possibility of life after death and thus,  after death contact with their loved one, is a shift that can help immensely.

Our entire consciousness shifts when we move from a place of focusing upon the absence of a loved one to focusing upon the possibility of receiving a sign from them. Such a shift in perspective also creates a shift in vibration and thus brings us closer to the possibility of lining up with the signs and contact that our loved ones are capable of sending us.

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