After death Experience

by Monika Hertner

Moments after my father passed away, I sat in an ICU room completely in shock, with memory of the nightmare of the previous 3 weeks.

I asked my dad for a sign. I said "please, dad let me know you're OK!" Nothing happened at that moment and so I left the hospital to tell my sister he had passed away.

When I got to her, I asked her to come outside with me, so the Grand kids wouldn't hear. The phone rang and I went back inside to answer, and my son said to me, "mom, there is a butterfly on your shoulder!!!"

I couldn't believe it! As I looked to my shoulder I saw it there, a monarch butterfly in November, in Ontario.

It was the sign. I reached out and grabbed it and my sister snapped a picture. Wow, one hour after my dad had passed away, a butterfly on my shoulder, what a miracle, I thought! But his messages never stopped. He communicates with me all the time.

I asked him to flicker lights outside my house. Ever since, my street light flickers non stop. No other lights in my neighborhood flicker or glow different colors like green and blue!

To this day the light flickers and when I want to know he is here, I just have to look out the window.

But, It doesn't stop there, it goes on and on! It is a miracle and absolutely amazing!!! Believe it, our deceased loved ones are here. If you look at a butterfly it really does look like an Angel. Maybe they are!
God bless

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing after death experience. Your story is very inspiring!!

I absolutely love hearing about those like you, who have a compelling after death experience, and thus, become believers that their deceased loved ones truly do live on.

With Love,

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