After Death Experince

by Tyrone Newby

Three days after my 56 birthday(I'am now 63) I had a heart attack,and I died for a moment(though it was a moment ,it didn't seem like it,it didn't seem like any measure of time;it just was)----here is my brief story:

After getting off from the midnight shift from work,I went home,and like I always did after the midnight shift,I got myself a glass of milk,then I got ready for bed;it was the summertime,my wife was off from school(she's a teacher),as I got in the bed she got up,after a little while in the bed I rolled over,that's when I couldn't feel my left arm.

Funny things goes through one's head when the panic button is pressed,the first thought that went trough my head was, this can't be a heart attack,only large people get heart attacks don't they(I'm a slim guy);so I got up and went into the kitchen where my wife was getting breakfast for herself,I said to her, something seems to be wrong I can't feel my left arm.

She looked shocked,she said get ready we got to get you to the hospital right away. We got in the car and she drove me to the hospital(it was 15 min. drive).When we got to the hospital,my wife said I'II go get a nurse and a wheelchair. I said don't bother I can walk it to the ER. When I got to the doors of the hospital that when it happened.

I got a sudden sick sinking feeling and then I was just outside my body(no tunnel,no light,no darkness just out),this is where human words cannot describe what I experienced,but I'll try;

I was above the hospital and
yet I wasn't,I seem to be anywhere I wanted to be,I could see anything I wanted from a little peep hole in the parking lot to the whole area around the hospital, I could see,vision(how can I describe it)untra-vision in 360 degrees.

I felt more alive than I ever did, there was a soft smooth velvet all around me,with a lovely sound or hum coming from everywhere. I felt warm ,O'K normal(oh,how can I say it). I felt like a God-unlimited and free!This all felt like this was somewhat like a rerun,like it happened before,plus I didn't feel concern about my body,then a thought or a voice(oh ,I don't know)came to me,you see all things are recycled ,matter ,and energy ,and so are you---then it said don't worry you'll recover from this and live a normal length of a life span.

There was more but I can't seem to remember to well or put it into words---then I went back into my body(I felt like I was squeezing back into a thimble,small space),they put the nitral spray and paddles to me,and I was back and O'K.

Since then I get thoughts and words that come to me that I've been keeping in a note book(also other thoughts I read about along the way),which is now over 180 pages full--plus I can't now get enough books to read about all this,it's like I'm on fire,but what I'm I to do about all this(all I know is to grow in spiritual knowledge.

I now see everything in a bigger vision... that we are all one and we continue forever(because there is no such thing as time or space to our true being).

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Jun 02, 2011
Re: After Death Experience - Tyrone
by: Faye

Dear Tyrone,

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story!! I understand how such experiences generally defy words, but you did an awesome job of explaining this.

I find it incredibly interesting how most who have had near death experiences report similar feelings and happenings and most also say that their view of life in general has been forever expanded through having an NDE.

Thanks again for sharing,

With Love,

Jun 02, 2011
Thanks Faye
by: Tyrone Newby

Thanks Faye for your kind words,I only wish I could communicate better than I did in that article I wrote;but one thing I forgot to mention in my story was the great tidal wave of love that washed over me during my NDE,I now feel it was my higher self loving me back into the oneness of my whole being. Where here to love and to learn and believe it or not to enjoy the adventure of physical consciousness.

Dear Tyrone;

Oh...I definitely Do believe it!! This has been the overwhelming message I also receive from my deceased live it up and love it up!

You've had an amazing experience and it's so wonderful that you are allowing others to know about it!

Thanks so much again, for sharing.

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