After Death Signs and Communication From Grandma and Grandpa

by Melissa

Hello. My grandparents passed away August 17th and September 3rd of last year, Grandpa being first. They had lived with diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. for years, and Grandpa died of an ischemic heart valve collapse.

Grandma had bladder cancer, but died in her sleep from no technical cause of death 17 days after Grandpa died. It was her time to go be with Grandpa, and when she was still alive she shocked all the doctors by passing her life expectancy by several months.

They believed in God and usually went to church until they got too old to drive or attend without assistance. Anyway, I believe they have tried to communicate with me and soothe my pain.

Sometime after Grandpa died and when Grandma was still alive, I believe Grandpa's spirit visited my home. We used to listen to Chewing Gum, a song by Stringbean off the Stringbean cd Grandpa had himself and he had also ordered a copy to give to me. I was listening to my copy of this cd when Chewing Gum began to play, and I was alone at my home in the dark when this happened (aside from the light of the computer).

It was as if something said for me to play the song again. I obliged, and began to feel Grandpa's presence on the couch. It was cold or without spiritual presence and warmth in every room of the house except for in the living room near the couch, which is where he must have been sitting. I also got a mischievious vibe, as if he was saying "I'm going to play with you." Meaning, now that he was a ghost he wanted to mess with me or play tricks on me humorously.

I feel almost closer to him that I did when he was alive. I feel very empty and am still in shock about their deaths, but now feel that they are something I can feel when I need to or when they allow me to. I enjoy their warmth and presence. I also got the vibe at some points that he wanted me to sit on the couch and hold his
hand and sit with him and Grandma, me in between them holding their hands.

He would sit in his chair and I would hold his hand when he was alive. I feel they are protecting and watching over me. Recently, at least a few weeks ago, I had a dream that they lived next to the ocean and could lie in bed and look out the window and watch me and other family members swim in the ocean, and as long as they watched we would be safe. Grandpa gave me a black life vest, and I always landed safely by their home on land as the large, scary waves tried to push me over. I have always been afraid of tidal waves. This dream was very comforting and I did not wish to wake up.

There was another time months ago when I was on the computer and really sad and crying, missing them as I sat hunched over in my chair over the computer desk and keyboard probably on Facebook. I mainly feel spiritual encounters when I am really really sad or upset, and occasionally at random times. Anyway, as I sat there crying, I felt a little flicker like electricity or lighting around my left shoulder blade. I am sure that Grandpa was standing there touching me, or at least trying to. I cannot recreate this feeling no matter how much my arm is moved, injured or twisted. It was not just a muscle twitch or spasm. I believe they are also trying to help me with my fear of death. I know I am not imagining them.

Dear Melissa,

Thanks so much for sharing your heart-warming story. From everything you've described, I think you can rest assured that your grandparents are indeed sending you signs and that they are in fact, always with you. I'm so glad to hear that you're trusting your own intuition and that this is helping you to feel the reality of the life after death communication that your beloved grandparents are sending...when it comes to all of this, there is nothing more important than having an open mind and an open heart.

With Love,

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Feb 28, 2012
reply to Faye
by: Melissa

I was so happy to come across your site. I'm glad it wasn't some spam or gimmick, and that it was full of information I related to.

Most people I talk to are busy telling me that I'm imagining things or feeling what I want to feel and that we're either going to Hell or there is no afterlife and we're just gonna be dead in pine boxes.

My other grandma had a sister that died, and she keeps telling me that if there was an afterlife her sister would have come back to her and her mother or given her mother a sign like they asked for before she died. I know they do not believe in God, so I personally think that they were just not open or accepting to any signs present, because I know that signs have been presented to me.

I also feel that Grandma walked through the field next to me once, and recently told me that they love me and something like they were there for me or something. I definitely remember her saying they love me.

Hi Melissa,

Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. I very much agree, we must be in a receptive position to receive the afterlife signs that are being sent to us. The spirit of Our deceased loved ones is always available to us, we simply have to be in energetic alignment...and this can be a very subtle thing. It seems to be a combination of receptivity, desire, belief and personal vibration. Clearly, you are in a state of high receptivity.

Thanks again for sharing. I'm always so intrigued and inspired by the stories of others!

With Love,

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