After death Sign

by David
(Corpus Christi Texas)

I asked for an after death sign from my mother after she passed away. I did not have to wait long. During the funeral we had to clear the church due to an abandoned house being fully engulfed in flames directly behind the church.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but the house was at least 75 years old and went up in flames in 30 minutes right in the middle of an hour long funeral.

I originally was troubled that mom's funeral was ruined, but just had to smile and shake my head when several people said my mom always made a grand entrance and now exit.

I don't think the after death sign of rainbows and butterflies would have been her style.

I certainly do feel at peace, as this was the last piece of the puzzle that I did not think the "she is in a better place" cliché could quite fill.

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After Death intervention by my 6 year old son

by dakater
(manila, philippines)

My son suddenly passed due to acute luekemia on august 25th, I would cry in the morning until I fell asleep at night. I became so distraught that I started entertaining the idea of suicide. I had it all figured out in my head, I was going to hang myself exactly four weeks after his death. For some reason i started burning his name "Alex" on my left arm using a cigarette. I had just completed burning myself and laid down on my bed when my cellphone rang and my dad said "are you okay? You just miss called me right!"

I hadn't used my cell at all so I asked him to check the call register and call me back. As soon as he ended the call I closed my eyes and Alex appeared he was standing up had a smile on his face, he didn't say a word but I understood him perfectly. He said "I'm okay" I also understood he wouldn't be able to contact me again in this way but that he would always be here.

A minute later my dad called me back and said that he checked the call log and was 100% sure that it was my number which rang his cell. After the conversation I was surprised to see that the burn marks on my arm had disappeared.

Long story short I didn't kill myself and now believe in life after death.

Amazing Story Dakater. Thank you so much for sharing.
With Love,

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messages from my recently deceased father...

by Nancy Lopez
(Compton, California, USA)

My dad just passed away on January 7, 2015 from a 9 year battle with leukemia. After the last hospitalization the doctors said his cancer was too advanced and we should think about hospice.

He was so anxious to come home, he wanted to spend time with his grandchildren. So we brought him home. He was so happy. The following day he passed away. That day I asked God and my dad to please send me a sign so I knew he was okay.

I was asking for a small earthquake or rain. Anyway, the next night my sister in law and I were talking and a bright flash of light made us stop and look at the ceiling. We looked for anything that could've caused a reflection but there was nothing. Neither of us had a watch or cell phone.

We both sensed his presence so I quickly went to share the experience with my brother and mother. They were trying to come up with explanations but they didn't find one so they said we probably saw a flashlight from outside. My sister in law and I knew they were wrong.

Later that night I felt like I was communicating with my dad and I thanked him and God for letting me know he was okay. I asked him to show my brother and mother that he's okay because they wouldn't believe me. I went and told them about my communication and that he would show them personally that he's happy and with God.

They thought I was high, drunk, or crazy so I stormed off very upset. I decided I wasn't going to share any more of these wonderful experiences with them and for a minute I started to doubt my sanity. But I knew its my dad. I experienced a stroke on my back twice, warm hands on my face, I heard a whisper, and I could just sense his presence.

My dad tried to get her attention by making an old fire alarm go on but not with the beeping... It was like a flow of air was going through it. That alarm didn't have working batteries for years. It sounded like my dads oxygen tank to me. She was reluctant to accept it was him so she had my brother take the alarm down. The next day, my brother tells me our dad was here last night. I thought he was mocking me again but he wasn't. I was ecstatic! And then my mother also agreed he was here because she heard a knock on her wall. Three sets of three knocks. My brother said his lights and television got turned off so he woke up. For some reason he felt like going to the backyard and just looked at my window. He said my curtain on one end, it was dancing and then the middle part of the curtain at the top had been pulled as if someone was looking out. I was washing clothes in the laundry room so I wasn't even in the room when it happened.

Both my brother and mother had their experiences at 11:30 which is the time he passed away at. When they were both sharing this with me I had to start getting ready for work and went to my room to turn the light on but it just flickered and then went out. Light bulbs burn out but I find it interesting that it happened when we were talking about him being okay and letting us all know through all these occurrences.

Dear Nancy, thanks so much for taking the time to share your wonderful story of afterlife communication.....continue to trust in the signs and messages!
with Love,

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