Afterlife Communication Story from Ms. Julie Manos

by Julie Manos
(Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,USA)

A personal afterlife communication story:

My youngest son passed sept.5,2009.His name is Anthony.He had lung cancer. When diagnosed he lived just 11 weeks. The Chemo and Radiation took it's toll on him. When I was caring for him he said "mom I want to be cremated". I said I will take care of it.

At the time of his death there was no funding for cremation,but fortunately the crematorium I contacted ,put me in touch with Science Care .I donated his body to them and they took care of everything and Anthony's cremains came home in three weeks.

I keep him with me always.Six weeks prior to his passing we had a family portrait done and some single shots of him. For his memorial service I had a picture done in Museum style,rather large. So many times I will look at it and say "Anthony your crooked again. I am always straitening his portrait up. I would like to think it's him doing it,he was always the jokester.

I have been doing EVP's and have had success. I would love to send you two files I have on my computer. I remember one night when sleeping,I received kinda like a phone call. It was static and then a clear voice,his. I said son how are you where are you and he replied "Mom I am in a community and have great respect for what I went through.And mom you remember what I said if it ever happened I would look up ?? rockstar,well he's here.but you have to be good or they will send you away.Two people have already been sent away." at that point in time my cat interrupted my sleep by slapping me on the arm with her claws and the connection was lost. I half asleep tried to reconnect but it was like I was listening to a mournful crying woman talking to her loved one.I kept saying "Hello,Hello" but they couldn't hear me. Oh did I mention there was an operator.When I had answered the ringing phone the lady said "Oh i didn't know any one was still here." Sounds kinda crazy huh.

When I use an FM radio on scan mode and ask questions I generally get answers. My son always mentioned "Phone".I also have a video disk shot with night vision and you can see my son sitting on my nephew's couch.It was Anthony's bed for a long time. I told them not to get rid of it because Anthony's has imprinted his energy by sleeping on it for so long.

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Jan 18, 2011
my experiences with Anthony
by: amy

I was watching a tv show called ghost hunters and they gave me an idea to try it. I got my video camera out and put it on night vision and started recording. I didn't see anything at the start till I watched what I recorded and that's when I saw Anthony sitting on my couch he was sitting in the same place where he always sat.

when he was in hospital 2 days from him passing I went and had a ultrasound because I was pregnant. I found out I was having a little boy. I asked to see Anthony. I know he was listening to me because when i told him i was having a boy and I'm naming the baby after him i saw tears rolling down his face, i know he was visiting the baby he was about 2 weeks old, 4 weeks later my 2 year old son was waking up around 3:00 to 3:30am every morning for about a month and he was pointing at the corner of the room i asked him who is it that he sees? I showed him a whole heap of pictures and when I came to the picture of Anthony. he pointed at Anthony's pic and said that one. Thats when i knew it was Anthony visiting him, Anthony really loved our children.

I also was with Julie when she was recording Anthony with a voice recorder and I heard other people there with Anthony. I asked him what's it like on the other side and the answer i got was (SWEET).

One night my husband woke up and he told me that he had a dream of Anthony he was in a bar with 2 woman. Anthony turned around and said to my husband that he should be here its not his time and took him back to the door and when he walked out he woke up.
my husband also has had his lighters go missing he always puts them on our book shelf and I found the lighters in our laundry room its really funny when my husband hardly ever goes into the laundry room so i know he didn't put it in there. I listened to some of Julie's recording and i heard some very clear saying (MOM) (mom) im ok.

Jan 08, 2011
Response to Julie Manos
by: Faye

Dear Julie,

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing stories of afterlife communication! I offer my deep condolences on the passing of your beloved son. I'm so pleased to hear though that You clearly continue to share such a strong bond with Anthony.

Also, I'm extremely interested in all modes of electronic after death communication and I'd love to hear your recordings. If you contact me through the 'contact us' page on this website, I can send you my personal e-mail.

Your stories are incredibly inspiring. I'm very grateful to you for taking the time to share.

Light and Love,

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