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Afterlife communication with pets can greatly alleviate our grief over their death. Like afterlife communication with our human loved ones, afterlife communication with pets is also possible. Like humans, the larger essence or soul of our pets resides in spirit and when they experience physical death, their consciousness becomes at one with their spirit. Life after death continues for humans and animals alike. When we pass into the afterlife, it's comforting to know that we'll reunite with our human loved one's as well as our furry friends.

My own story of afterlife communication with pets;

I found my cat Jade over twenty years ago, full grown, half starved and semi-wild. She had clearly been living on the street for some time. She wasted no time at all becoming tame and affectionate and appeared to be extremely grateful for being rescued. She seemed to possess an inner knowing regarding human emotion that went far beyond the capability of most cats. When my first marriage came to an end after eight years, it was Jade who lay my side, purring gently and licking my tears as they coursed down my cheeks.

Less than two months ago, our family made the very difficult decision to euthanize Jade. She had a large tumor on one side of her face and it recently had grown significantly. Her eye was becoming affected as the tumor appeared to be growing behind it. She had also lost most of her body mass and had become incontinent. The day prior she had fallen over while walking across the room. In short, we just felt that the kindest thing to do was to help her move on from her ailing body. I suspected that her intense physical bond with me was preventing her from making her transition to the other side.

My husband, son and I lovingly surrounded Jade as we said our final goodbyes at the vet's office. We watched, weeping as she took her last breath and all signs of physical life left her emaciated form. We remained by her side for a long time afterward, not wanting to leave the thin, now lifeless, furry body that had housed the spirit of our beloved Jade. All three of us wept quietly as we said a final goodbye and filed out of the vet's office to our car.

I arrived back home with the intent of e-mailing my sister to let her know that Jade was no longer physically with us. I headed downstairs to the computer desk in the basement family room and sat down to compose my note. Immediately, the fluorescent lights overhead began flickering on and off dramatically. I stopped typing and was immediately filled with a knowing that Jade was communicating with me from her new-found position in the afterlife. The tell-tale signals of her presence enveloped me. I received tingles up and down my spine and the feeling of expansion in the heart area that I've come to associate with communication with spirit. It's an incredible feeling that fills me with emotions of well-being and expanded awareness. It's a feeling of intense knowing and great comfort that transforms the feeling of grief and loss into one of peace and understanding. It's impossible for us to feel prolonged grief when we receive proof that our loved ones, human or animal, are alive and well in spirit!

My daughter came downstairs and immediately inquired as to why the lights were flashing off and on. I told her that I was quite sure it was Jade letting us know that she had made it to the afterlife and was still with us in spirit. It really didn't surprise me that my dear old tenacious Jade had wasted no time at all in sending me a sign from the afterlife.

The next day, I stood in my kitchen, reflecting upon the previous night's verification that afterlife communication with pets was absolutely possible. "Maybe she'll send me another sign," I mused as I turned her collar over in my hands. I pondered the idea of asking her for a specific sign. I couldn't help but think that if she really wanted to "wow" me, she could somehow send me a piece of Jade stone. I smiled to myself at the improbability of this and trusted that Jade would find her own way to communicate.

I diverted my attention from the idea of afterlife communication with pets and the subject of life after death and immediately made the decision to embark upon cleaning out the cluttered stationary drawer in the kitchen. It was a daunting task that had been on my "to-do" list for many weeks and one that I'd obviously been avoiding.

I removed the drawer from the cabinet, placed it on my living-room coffee table, turned on the TV and began methodically sifting through the various odds and ends that had accumulated within the overflowing drawer. I developed a series of piles for sorting. I'd grab a handful of items from the drawer and proceed to sort them into one of the piles.

I had just grabbed my third handful of items for sorting. I moved my gaze from the TV to the contents of my hand. There in the middle of my palm lay a small piece of irregularly shaped, green Jade stone. I gasped in surprise and delight. Many years ago, my sister had bought the kids some semi-precious stones as gifts and evidently one of them had made its way into the stationary drawer, although I had no conscious recollection of ever seeing that stone in the drawer before. I clutched it tightly and held it to my chest as I felt the tell-tale sensations move over and around me, assuring me of Jade's presence in that moment. Clearly,  she had telepathically provided me with the impulse to clean out the drawer at that time. I lovingly placed the stone in my sweater pocket. Numerous times that day, I reached in just to feel it and to remind myself that my dear Jade was alive and well in spirit, residing in the afterlife.

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We can use the same methods we use in contacting our deceased human loved ones for attempting to receive Afterlife communication with pets. There is little doubt that both afterlife communication with humans as well as afterlife communication with pets can provide profound and immense comfort.

The love we share with our pets, is often akin to the love we feel for children. Our pets rely upon us for so much, trusting that we have their best interests at heart and the vulnerability they show in this trust, has a way of melting hearts and paving the way for relationships that often rival our human relationships in emotional closeness. Thus the sense of loss felt when our pets pass, can be intensely felt. Afterlife communication with pets goes a long way to soothe the pain of the physical sense of loss we experience. There is nothing quite like receiving a sign from our furry friends, following their death, when we are so acutely missing their warm, affectionate cuddles.

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