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Afterlife Communication takes many different forms and has the power to offer immeasurable comfort to those grieving the physical death of a loved one. Our level of belief in an afterlife can make all the difference in the world when it comes to grieving the death of a loved one and there's nothing quite like afterlife proof to boost our belief.

The deceased are absolutely capable of Afterlife Communication. They are well equipped to communicate with us from their new-found position of spirit and because of the bonds of love that remain intact after their passing, they have a vested interested in doing so. They often use the physical environment surrounding us to give us afterlife signs, and they also communicate with us by sending telepathic messages. It has been my experience that the deceased are as intent in giving us evidence of life after death as we are to receive it.

My brother Murray died unexpectedly while sleeping on the morning of Remembrance Day. One of the most stunning ways he communicates with me is through Remembrance Day lapel poppies. I find them in the most surprising of places, often lying on the ground, usually right after having a thought of him pop into my head. He also uses birds, music and synchronicity as well as telepathic messages to signal his presence and offer afterlife proof.

Music seems to be a favorite means of afterlife communication used by the deceased. It seems that music is manipulated fairly easily by those experiencing life after death, perhaps due to it's vibratory nature and unique frequency. Many who are grieving the death of a loved one have relayed experiences to me of hearing songs that are highly relevant to the deceased, playing at extremely unlikely yet opportune moments.

Afterlife communication through nature

afterlife communication through birds

Many also report witnessing strange or unnatural behaviors being exhibited by wild animals, insects and birds they come into contact with through their environment.

I've personally had many experiences of afterlife communication involving overly friendly squirrels, birds, rabbits and even flying bugs. I actually had the exhilarating experience of having a bird fly by and brush my cheek with it's wing one day while I sat quietly, intently focused upon my brother. I have no doubt this was a life after death sign sent by my brother to signal his presence to me in that moment. such experiences have a profound impact on our belief in an afterlife and as such, these experiences also have a profound impact upon the grieving process.

The deceased are capable of hearing us when we speak to them, therefore, we can actually request specific signs from them. I've had some incredible success with this, receiving very specific requested signs from my brother such as flowers, butterflies and symbols, all within mere hours of asking for them.

The deceased are also capable of communicating with us directly. In fact they attempt to do it all the time. Many of us are simply not "tuned-in" enough to hear their voice. This is the reason why the deceased so often signal us through signs or manipulations of our environment. In order to speak directly or communicate telepathically with the deceased, we must be in a place where we're vibrating at a frequency whereby our energies are accessible to them. This is a result of the law of affinity, also known as the law of attraction, which is always present and which also applies to life after death communication and all forms of telepathic communication.

This means we must be a match to the energy of those residing in spirit. Those who are experiencing life after death are vibrating at a much higher rate than most of us residing in the physical dimension. In order to communicate with us, the deceased must adjust their vibration to that of the earthly plane and if we are to hear them, we must adjust our vibration to their higher frequency. This is much like tuning a radio receiver to broadcast a particular station.

Belief and desire are two factors that apply when it comes to the law of affinity and as such, they contribute to our overall frequency. Both belief and desire are extremely important in reaching the necessary energetic level for successful contact with our deceased loved ones. When we receive afterlife proof, our belief will be greatly strengthened. This explains why it often seems difficult to receive an initial sign of communication from the deceased, but once the ice has been broken, so to speak, the life after death communication starts occurring with greater frequency and seeming ease.

Below you will find a list of articles all pertaining to the subject of Afterlife Communication, afterlife proof, belief in an afterlife and life after death.

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Proof Of Life After Death


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