Afterlife Signs

afterlife signs

The Deceased Send afterlife signs Through Birds And Other Wild Animals

The deceased are capable of sending us afterlife signs through the actions of wild animals and insects. Shortly after my brothers death, I became aware of the significance of certain wild animals in my midst. I received many after death communications as my brother seemed to somehow manipulate the wild animals I came into contact with in my neighborhood. From the persistent black crow who seemed to follow me whether I was on foot or driving in my car and the many black squirrels who would appear before me whenever a thought of Murray popped into my head to the butterflies that would appear to flutter around me out of nowhere, I came to see that the deceased are capable of merging their energies with those of certain animals in order to send us signs.

after death communication through birds and rabbits

One afternoon as I sat writing intently at a picnic table by a lake, I had a seagull swoop past me, brushing my cheek with the tip of its wing. I was writing about after death signs from birds at that very moment! I immediately accepted this birds touch as both a sign and a validation of the contents of my writing.

One Christmas following my brother's death, my dad mentioned that he had seen a white rabbit in front of their house as he drove home from picking up groceries. My parent's live in a residential area. It's a pretty rare occurrence to see a wild rabbit in their neighborhood. My sister and I decided that we'd ask Murray to send us signs of his presence through the white rabbit.

(read about asking the deceased for specific signs) As our relatives began arriving for Christmas dinner, we marveled as each one of them commented about seeing a white rabbit in front of the house as they drove into my parent's crescent. Later that night, my cousin called to tell me that she'd seen two white rabbits as she pulled out of the residential crescent my parents lived on. She then called the next day to excitedly exclaim that she was looking out her back window at two rabbits in her alley, a sight she had not seen previously.

Over the holiday, we received many afterlife signs as the rampant white rabbit sightings continued in front of my parent's home, affirming for us that Murray was partaking in the holiday festivities along with us. The effect was heart-warming to say the least.

If you've recently lost a loved one, try to remind yourself to be on the look-out for afterlife signs delivered through the wild animals in your midst. No doubt, it's often tough during this difficult time to focus on anything other than your shock and grief, but I found that it is precisely during this time that the deceased send us an abundance of signs from the afterlife. I believe that during this period of intense grieving, many simply fail to see or recognize the attempts of their deceased loved ones to make contact through sending amazing signs, as they're simply too engrossed in their grief.

It took me a while to notice and make the connection that I was receiving afterlife signs through the black crow who followed me everywhere. I'd been idly staring at this bird who was constantly strutting around in front of my home for many weeks before I made the stunning realization that this bird was in fact an after death sign sent from my brother.

It's been my experience that the deceased will utilize everything and anything they can to bring us comfort for our grief and to ensure us that they live on in a heavenly dimension. Wild animals appear to be just one means by which they do this.

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