Apply Law of Attraction Teachings To Manifest Desire For a Better World

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Many have asked me; Is it possible to apply Law of Attraction Teachings to Manifest a desire for a better world?

I see the question itself as coming  from a place of misunderstanding. The world view we hold at any given time is a culmination of our beliefs and current point of focus about the world at large. The very idea that there is an objective Global reality that is either good or bad, is in itself, in my opinion, one based upon a misconception, as is the idea that the world as a whole is in trouble and in need of ‘betterment.’

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Understanding How To Properly Apply Law of Attraction Teachings

Many years ago, as I gained deeper understanding of how to apply law of attraction teachings, I lost interest in keeping myself informed of the News of the world as portrayed by most newspapers and TV news programs. This was in part due to the fact that I was more and more living in the moment. When present moment awareness and attending to the actual, becomes habitual, forays of mind into an imagined past, imagined future and in this case, an ‘imagined’ global state of affairs, occur less frequently. Also, It became increasingly evident that newspapers and news programs were far more focused upon the negative things occurring in our world than the positive, for the simple reason that the war, murder and disaster are anomalies. The very fact that there’s such an interest in these things itself indicates that they are divergences from what most of us deem to be ‘the norm.’

I found more often than not that after watching a program featuring Global news, my world view in general would shift into one that was far more negative than the one I held prior. I’d find that regardless of how positive and uplifting my own first-hand experience of ‘the world’ had been that day, my focus would quickly shift to a problematic Global reality reflective of the one that had been presented. My own actual experience of ‘the world’ was being pushed aside as I allowed another, far less positive picture to be painted in my mind’s eye. As we become adepts at applying law of attraction teachings, we naturally begin to turn away from a focus upon that which is deemed to be ‘wrong’ with the moment at hand. If we are to manifest desires we must be a match to that which we are intending to manifest. A desire for peace then, can only be manifested through a focus that is appreciative and accepting.

To this day, I have family who shake their heads at the fact that I’m no longer interested in keeping myself up to speed with the news of the world. They accuse me of ‘burying my head in the sand.’ In response, I explain that I see no benefit in my learning of some horrific happening in this world, if I have no immediate means within my grasp to remedy it. By becoming aware of pockets of negative manifestation in this world, I am removing my focus from an attenuation towards appreciation, peace and harmony to place it in the opposite direction. Understanding as I do about how to apply the law of attraction to manifest desires, Why would I choose to do such a thing?

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Recently my dad inquired as to whether or not I’d heard of the latest horrific story describing a recent murder that was being splashed all over most news stations. When I replied that I had not, he replied with exasperation: “you need to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world.” I just smiled and told him that there was nothing about a story like that that I ‘needed’ to be aware of. He just kind of scratched his head over that one.

In learning to apply law of attraction teachings, we learn that if it doesn’t make me ‘feel good’ it’s not worth continuing to focus upon.

What I’ve come to realize is that through refusing to allow the experiences and opinions of others to taint my world view, what I’m left with is a manifestation of a global experience and world view that are reflective of my own inner state of being.

How Do I apply the Law of Attraction to shift my World View?

The law of attraction is a constant. It matches us up with manifestations that reflect the majority of our focus. If I’m focused upon a world that is filled with horror and disease, my moment to moment, day to day, unfolding reality will reflect that. I’ll have an uncanny way of turning on the TV or radio just when ‘bad news’ is being highlighted, or I’ll encounter mini ‘wars’ in my day to day dealings with others, or my general experience will reflect back to me a world where the others who I encounter are unloving, selfish and unkind.

As I apply law of attractions teachings, I come to see that while I may not be subjected specifically to disease and the horrors of such things as abject war myself, I will find myself like a magnet to information and circumstances that reinforces this world view.

In short, if my world view is one of a world in trouble, in my day to day experience, I will encounter difficulty and strife as a way of life, both for myself as well as witnessing it in the lives of those whom I come into contact with. We cannot simultaneously hold a perspective of an overall sick and unhealthy world that requires healing and experience an abundance of peace, ease and joy in our day to day, moment to moment reality. The two are incompatible.

Now, to apply law of attraction teachings in this way does not mean  that if I do encounter strife or something that I deem to require healing, that I am to turn my back on it? Not at all. My rule of thumb is if it’s presenting itself in my reality, I have a decision to make. If I see it as a problem, and it’s in my power to ‘help’ I will do so, and if not, I understand that the best form of ‘help’ I can offer it to attune my own consciousness towards the manifestation of the desired circumstances. If we apply law of attraction teachings, we see that If healing is our true intent, we must become a match to healing. To continue to focus upon the ‘problem’ gets us nowhere. To successfully apply law of attractions teachings, we must embrace the idea that nothing occurs in our experience without a previous invitation through our focus.

Since shifting my focus from a world in trouble to a world that reflects my own consciousness, I’ve come to experience a world that is much more peaceful, loving and supportive in general. Is our world in trouble? Is this mostly a good place or a bad place? Is there more love in this world than hate? Your answer is a direct reflection of your focus. To apply law of attraction teachings is to focus upon the good in this world. As we do so, the world becomes a friendly and supportive place.

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