Applying Law Of Attraction

Applying law of attraction teachings becomes simple once you understand that what you're really after is peace with this present moment.  In finding peace, right here, right now, regardless of what is currently manifest, you become in synch with the manifestation of your desire.

Therefore, anything you can do to become more accepting, more allowing, less judgemental of your current arising circumstance is of importance.

But, how do you become less judgemental of what's currently manifesting, when it's obvious you don't like it? After all, you are not in control of your most basic, surface likes and dislikes.

Successfully Applying Law Of Attraction Teachings Means Looking Deeper Than The Mere Surface Appearance Of Things

In once sense, the very fact that you have an arising desire means that there is a surface discontent with what is currently manifesting. There is no point even trying to deny that. However, alignment and the vibrational frequency required to experience your manifest desire, hinges upon looking beyond the appearance of lack.

Even amidst an arising want for surface circumstance to be different, there can be an understanding that regardless of that lacking circumstance, goodness still prevails.

Seeing this underlying, fundamental perfection, or even the goodness that is arising alongside the perceived absence that has us desiring something different,  requires us to temporarily look away from the experiential absence from which our desire arises. For example, you may have a desire for greater monetary abundance, which means, at present, your bank account is empty or lacking. It is the absence of money that currently has you desiring more.

If you continue to solely focus upon this absence, your thoughts and feelings will reflect this focus and you will feel poor, lacking, limited. In any given moment, to feel lacking, limited, is really to essentially be lacking, limited. Being is after all,  always a present moment thing.  It's that immediate sense of being that manifests desires into the present or holds them at bay.

But, if you are  somehow able to temporarily look past the surface appearance of things,  (an empty bank account) to find a sense of peace, well-being, the abundance that lies within, in doing so you becomes in synch with the experiential abundance you seek.

The overriding goal in terms of successfully applying law of attraction, is to find a way to divert your attention away from the absence, away from the problem, away from the issue or whatever it is you deem to be wrong or lacking, that has given rise to your desire, to focus upon something, anything really, that makes you feel more at ease. 

A focus upon those aspects of current reality that are working for you, that do please you, those current circumstances for which you are grateful for, is one means of achieving alignment. It really is as easy as removing your focus away from the problem, or away from whatever it is you deem to missing or lacking from your current experience, to look at what is working.

Once you've identified those things and circumstances that are wanted, you simply focus upon them. Mull them over in appreciation. Thank the universe for what you DO currently have. In doing so, you place yourself in the precise position necessary to usher in more things and circumstances to easily appreciate. 

If you're having difficulty identifying something within your current manifest reality for which you are thankful for, simply turn your focus away from the current absence of your manifest desire by focusing upon something or someone that makes you feel good.  Anything you can conjure up in imagination will do. It could be a memory, an idea, a song, a vision. Anything at all that buoys your spirits and then spend some time there. It need not be anything longer than a few minutes. The momentum inherent in the law of attraction will take over from there. Once you've found a way to feel better, feel good thoughts will begin arising effortlessly, manifesting,  all on their own. That's simply how law of attraction works.

Applying law of attraction teachings is really all about what's happening in mind. Thoughts give way to feelings and your feelings are always your indicator as to whether or not you are in synch or out of snych with that which you desire.

So long as you are feeling a sense of well being, a sense of peace, you are in synch with the powers of positive creation. So long as you are feeling a sense of emotional discord, a sense of resistance or pushing against what is, you are not. It really is as simple as that.

"As you seek those thoughts that feel good, you will always be in vibrational harmony with the energy that is your source and under those conditions only good can come to you and good can from you." Abraham (as channeled by Esther Hicks)


Living The Law Of Attraction

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