Attracting Abundance

Attracting abundance is far more about what you are not doing, vs. what you are doing.

Successfully Attracting abundance through applying law of attraction teachings and principles,  is all about allowing and accepting what presents in any given moment of experience.  Allowance and acceptance happens when deep personal judgements are not in play.

Using the law of attraction to attract anything you desire into manifestation,  hinges upon an absence of resistance. And really, the term attracting abundance is a bit of a misnomer. In actuality, abundance in the most fundamental sense possible, is already yours.  what you are after is allowing the abundance and general well-being that is your birthright, that is your fundamental nature,  to naturally and easily flow into experience. 

In terms of the experience of using the law of attracting in attracting abundance into your life, it would be more apt to say that in becoming aligned with who and what you are, you step into an experience of abundance and well-being.

Think of it this way; In practicing the law of attraction to your full advantage, you do not as a person actually create abundance, but rather you reveal the abundance, well-being, goodness, that naturally is, regardless of whether or not you are currently aware of and experiencing it at present.

Attracting Abundance Means Suspending The One Who Judges and Sees Wrongness

In understanding the law of attraction and how it works, we come to see that attracting abundance happens naturally and effortlessly when the one who stands in judgement is absent from the picture.

Indeed, it is a judgement about experience and it's content that initially gives rise to the desire for something new and different, but if you stay mired in that judgement that gave rise to the desire, you remain out of alignment with it's manifestation.The critical, overly personal view that gives rise to the desire has to shift to a broader, more expansive view for manifestation to happen.

It's a bit of a catch twenty-two situation. The want for something to be different and improved from what currently is, is what launches the desire. But in order to actually realize and thus experience that manifest desire, the personal, judgemental focus upon what is lacking in this moment of experience, must be suspended.

Allowance and Acceptance = An Absence Of Resistance


Attracting abundance of any variety into your life hinges upon the degree to which you can be absent of resistance to what is.

Allowing and accepting life as it is, is not something that can be done through efforting or striving.  Rather, allowing and accepting is more of a state of passivity, of surrender to what is, rather than an active doing.

What you are really after when it comes to allowance and acceptance of what is, is to essentially as a person, as one who judges and sees wrongness,  get out of the way and allow the broader movement of the universe to take over.

Thus, anything you can do to distract or turn your attention away from the current lacking situation that initially launched your desire, is going to be important in terms of aligning with and therefore, manifesting your desire.

A position of allowance and acceptance requires a broader, more expansive viewpoint. Whereas the view from which all personal desires are initially launched, is a more limited, bound and finite view. It is always personal judgement of what is presently arising that has you desiring for something different, something better, something more personally pleasing.

Whereas, the process of creation lies beyond the personal.Beyond the grasp of judgement and limitation. Beyond the binds and confines of human, individuated experience.

Successfully using the law of attraction to manifest desired outcomes and thus attracting abundance, means stepping out of the fore-front, away from all your personal baggage, personal ideas and judgements about how things should be, into a broader perspective, where the fundamental perfection, inherent goodness and creative wisdom of the universe comes into focus.

From this broader focus, you become a magnet to attracting abundance of all forms, be it, financial abundance, relationship abundance or a more  generalized abundance of spirit.


Living The Law Of Attraction

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