Awakening To Truth

Awakening to Truth means seeing the entirety of experience as akin to a dream or story. Upon awakening, the world loses its hold upon us. We are no longer entrenched within the story, but rather have awakened from its clutches.

Awakening to Truth is not about becoming a better person, or a happier person or a more spiritually enlightened person. Awakening to Truth is about seeing the person that you think you are, the character you play in life, as part and parcel of the unfolding dream of life.  Beyond the dream, beyond its appearance within the story, the character you play, has no fundamental existence.

Awakening to Truth means seeing beyond the person, beyond the character to that which gives rise to the totality of experiential content.  What you really are is the awareness behind the arising experience, which of course,  includes the  character you are currently playing.  

So many spiritual seekers are looking for Truth within their experience. They seek for pat answers or  a mystical experience that will illuminate the truth and thus, leave in its wake conceptual knowledge about existence. 

Awakening To Truth Is Not About Becoming A Better Or Happier Person

The thing is, Truth lies beyond anything that you could ever experience, regardless of how amazing or awe-inspiring it may be.  Realizing the Truth requires looking AT experience from a vantage point beyond. That vantage point beyond, is the only thing within that equation that can be called “Truth.”

That which you really are, that which is Truth, is that which lies fundamental to all arising experience. Thus, the Truth of what you are can never be found within experience itself.  You are that which gives rise to the experiential self, the character that appears in your story.

“The you that you think of as you (and that thinks of you as you, and so on) is not you, it’s just the character that the underlying truth of you is dreaming into existence. Enlightenment isn’t in the character, it’s in the underlying truth.”
― Jed McKenna

“Suffering just means you’re having a bad dream. Happiness means you’re having a good dream. Enlightenment means getting out of the dream altogether.”
― Jed McKenna

“As I can't be what I perceive, I am not this body-mind or any thing that I am conscious of.”

“The end of illusion is the end of you."   U.G. Krishnamurti


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